Angelina Jolie enjoyed working with her ‘The Tourist’ co-star Johnny Depp

    Both Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have claimed their fair share of cinematic achievements. Jolie is well known for its spelling in turn Puritan, Love action greens as well Wanted to have And salt. She Has also acted in many heart-breaking dramas including Changling And by the sea. For Depp, he is quite a character actor – and Tim Burton’s secret weapon. He Edward Cishorhands, The Mad Hatter, Willie Wonka, Jack Sparrow is known for taking Pirates of the Caribbean, even more.

    Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp | Johnny McDougall / AFP via Getty Image

    When the two worked together Tourist, Fans of happiness flocked. Unfortunately, the end result was no longer publicity, as the film premiered with subpar critical and audience reception and poor box office results. However, despite the fact that the film flopped, the two reportedly enjoy working together, celebrating each other’s skills and character.

    Angelina Jolie on ‘Best part of working with Johnny Depp’

    During an interview with Popsgar, Angelina Jolie was asked to comment on “the best part of working with Johnny Depp”, and he highlighted the type of man. Jolie shared:

    “He is just such a good boy.” It’s so fun to hang out with and so much fun. He is just too happy to have that friend you come to work with and visuals. Also, he is such a brilliant actor. He is often given a lot of thought for his deep character work, but it really comes from an artist who is willing to try things. He is not just someone who is having fun [movies]; He is a genuinely experimental deeply felt artist, who gives a lot and is very indulgent to everyone and to his fellow artists. He is just a pleasure. “

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    Jolie’s appreciation for Depp, Depp also felt for Jolie. Depp said that both click right from the get-go.

    Depp has great respect for Jolie

    Depp told PopSugar that he would hope to work with Jolie again in the future. He Commenting on how great a person he is, explaining that he remains “grounded” in front of heavy scrutiny. He Said:

    “… She is a good girl. I respect her so much. In the face of it all, he, Brad and the children have to deal with, being globally under the microscope every day, he is on the ground. She is calm, normal and less important [a woman] As you wish to meet. She It does not take all this seriously. She There is a wonderful mother, a great mother, whom you have taken well as your hat. And he is trying to do things in the world to help. She is impressive. Force of she

    Depp | Popsgar

    although Tourist A flop, Jolie and Depp may not regret acting in the film, as they both get to work with an actor whom they admire and respect.

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