TORONTO – Green Party leader Annie Paul said on Friday she was staying out of other rides to avoid distractions and respect the wishes of her candidates.

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At a news conference on Friday, Paul addressed why she was not traveling for various rides across the country, admitting that some candidates didn’t want her to meet him.

“I still want to make sure that if I travel somewhere first, I want to, and it’s not a given, and then secondly, it’s going to help our local candidates and also, unfortunately, Not given,” she said. Said at a press conference on Friday.

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He said it stemmed from internal issues that were plaguing the Green Party before the election. Paul was gunned down days before a no-confidence vote was held in July for a possible removal from the party’s leadership.

Paul said she wants to make sure everything she does helps her candidates.

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“Many of them are deeply involved in their communities. Many of them have torn apart their jobs, their families, which is an incredibly intense job of running for office and putting themselves out there,” he said. “I want to honor that through this election, and I want to make sure that everything I do is a help and not a harm.”

She said it was difficult to accept that she could deviate from the campaigns of Green Party candidates in light of the public conflict within the party.

“Part of it is recognizing that what has happened is not always going to be helpful for me to stay on the ground and there will certainly be some candidates who have done that assessment as well,” Paul said.