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According to multiple reports, Anne Heche crashed into a Mar Vista, California, home, igniting the fire and was taken to a local area hospital on Friday.

Heche, 53, was driving a blue Mini Cooper when she first crashed in the garage of an apartment complex in Los Angeles. Witnesses at the scene told TMZ that they tried to help the actress get out of her car before fleeing.


Soon after his first accident, Heche then crashed into a nearby house in Mar Vista and caught fire, according to Fox 11, The fire reportedly engulfed the house and Heche was taken via ambulance to a Los Angeles hospital.

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According to multiple reports, Heche crashed into a Mar Vista, California, home, caught fire and was taken to a local area hospital.

Fox 11 reported that Starr was taken to the hospital in critical condition. According to TMZ, the “Six Days Seven Nights” star is currently hospitalized but is expected to survive.

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Per TMZ, because of Heche’s condition, doctors are unable to run tests to determine if she was under the influence while operating her vehicle. However, the outlet reported that a bottle with a red cap was present in Heche’s car at the time of the accident.

According to Fox 11, no other injuries have been reported and the cause of the accident is being investigated.

A representative for Heche did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Heche was reportedly taken to a hospital near Los Angeles.

The actress’s most recent film was the action picture “13 Minutes”, in which she starred alongside Thora Birch, Amy Smart and Will Peltz. Heche recently showed support for his “friend” Alec Baldwin when the public criticized the actor after his “Rust” tell-all interview.

“My friend, whatever happens in our lives we can’t control. I’m with you,” Heche wrote on Baldwin’s Instagram post. “Mostly because I know the kindness of your soul.”

Heche took a public divorce from her ex-husband James Tupper in January 2018. The couple spent 10 years together and share a 13-year-old son, Atlas.

The “Volcano” actress was romantically linked with Ellen DeGeneres from 1997 to 2000. She brought the talk show host to the 1997 premiere of “Volcano”, which she claimed resulted in her “blacklisting” from Hollywood.

Heche reportedly suffered severe burns and is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

“I didn’t do a studio picture for 10 years,” she said in an interview with Page Six. “I was kicked out of a $10 million picture deal and didn’t see the light of day in a studio picture.”

Heche received an Emmy nomination in 2004 for her role as Rowena Larson in “Granny’s Choice”.