Anthony Hopkins working on ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ produced legally intimidating Jodie Foster

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    Anthony Hopkins performing as Hannibal Lecturer the silence of the Lambs Widely regarded as one of the best in film history. Playing the character of a creepy serial killer, he starred alongside Jodie Foster, a gullible intelligent FBI trainee who is determined to capture another serial killer who snatches the skin of his victims .

    As chilling as Hopkins’ performance was to the audience, it was just as frightening for the cast and crew the silence of the Lambs. Foster himself admitted that Hopkins had intimidated him while reading his first table of the film’s screenplay, and Hopkins recounts the other members of the film.

    Anthony Hopkins scares Jodie Foster during table read for ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

    Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster during the 14th Annual Moving Picture Ball | SGranitz / WireImage

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    Foster recently felt intimidated by Hopkins during an interview with him Variety. Apparently, she did not talk to him during most of the filming of the film as she was very fearful.

    “We didn’t get to speak too much before the actual read-through, so we just waved across the room and then sat down at the table,” said Foster. “And as you launched into Hannibal Lecter, I really felt — I feel like, chill up on top of the room, you know? And I felt that I’m so scared. In a way, it’s like It was like we were almost afraid to talk to each other after that. ”

    He Hannibal wanted to sound Lecter like a machine

    Hopkins also found inspiration for Hannibal Lecter’s voice in table reading. For some reason, he felt that Lecter meant a machine-like sound that was quiet and subdued.

    “The voice came to me when I first read it in London, when I read the part, I don’t know why. … Jonathan asked me, he says, ‘What do you think?’ ‘Hopkins said. “I said, ‘I think he’s a machine. Like He2001, half a computer. [Imitating computer voice] “Good evening Dave.” … ”

    Anthony Hopkins was very deliberate about creating his character

    Hopkins also recalled working through his ideas for Hombal Lecter’s first conversation with Foster’s character Clarice Starling. He What was so special about his character was that the film’s director also found him strange.

    “The first day, when you come down the aisle, and Jonathan says, ‘How do you want to look?’ … ‘Do you think you will be studying, or painting, or drawing or lying in bed?” Recalled Hopkins. “I said, ‘I would like to stand here.’ ‘Standing. Why exactly?’ I said, ‘I can smell him coming down the aisle.’ He They say, ‘You’re weird.’

    Foster also recalled shooting the scene, noting how interesting an experience it was.

    “It was such a terrific set, you know,” said Foster. He said, “That is the dark line with all the different prisoners, you are all very dark and moody. And then suddenly, we come to the lecturer and it’s all very bright and fluorescent lighting and two-dimensional. This was an interesting choice. ”

    the silence of the Lambs February 14 celebrated its 30th anniversary of release.

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