Anunoby, ousted after Harrell Anunoby Schröder, dropped him

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    The Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors matched in Tampa on Tuesday evening, with the Lakers still short-handed and the Rappers attempting to build on the recent success of back-to-back wins. In the opening round, the Lakers were in control with a 34–20 lead and, late in the first quarter, Dennis Schroder attempted to stop Og Ennoby in transition.

    Schroder and Ennoby were separated from there, however, and Enuni essentially picked up Sheshroder and dropped him at the baseline. As you can imagine, a scuffle has begun.

    In the end, both Anunoby and Montrezl Harrell were thrown out for front and rear roles. Harel immediately joined the fray with Gary Trent Jr. within seconds of the opening game, and even with the separation, which usually transpires in these instances, it was enough to keep him in the game was not.

    Anunoby’s initial reaction was certainly a stirring event and, as a result, the Raptors lost one of the league’s best perimeter defenders for the rest of the game. It is not every day that an NBA player is picked up and dropped on the hardwood as a result of a non-basketball scuffle, but here it is.


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