‘Apex Legends’ developer says that Respawn is looking into ranked arenas

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Ranked arenas should see improvement soon

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A developer at Respawn has confirmed that the team is looking into Apex Legend Ranked arenas after players complained about matchmaking.

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Apex Legends A non-battle royale mode was found earlier this year, followed shortly by a ranked version. Arenas pit two teams of three against each other in a series of short matches. Each round has a purchase phase to allow players to upgrade their gear, and the ranked version arrived shortly after Arenas launched. Players can now make their way through the ladder by collecting area points.

However, players have expressed disappointment over the mode’s matchmaking, with some matching themselves with or against others of different ranks. This makes the points of the losing arena in the match very important. However, a response developer has confirmed by tweeting that it is being looked into.


“We have some matchmaking and AP improvements in the pipe and will certainly keep updating as we go forward. I am aware of at least one bug that we are investigating and hopefully it will be fixed soon,” he said.

He said, “These are big AP losses uhh…not great. It’s MMR based (matchmaking ratings) and there’s really only two ways to lose over 12. The first is if you somehow get AP from your relative MMR.” We’ve got on the way. This should never really happen and we’ll fix it if we see it happen.

He ended the thread “The other is if you lose to a lower rated team. Thankfully, we have some updates coming out that I think will make it even better. Lower ranked teammates usually mean this.” It’s like their MMR is close to yours but they haven’t grinded that much AP. After the update it should be even better.”

No word on when these updates will happen Apex Legends’ Ranked arenas will be public.


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