Apple adding ‘Clean Energy Charging’ feature to iPhone

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Apple is adding a new “Clean Energy Charging” feature to the iPhone.

The company made the announcement as it released iOS 16, the new major operating system upgrade for its phones.

It buried the disclosure of the new feature at the bottom of a press release announcing that new software, and gave little information about what that might actually mean. But it shows that the new phone will be able to intelligently decide when it will charge in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Clean Energy Charging aims to reduce the iPhone’s carbon footprint by optimizing charging times when the grid is using clean energy sources,” the press release said.

The feature adds a new process to the iPhone that runs in the background and collects information about carbon emissions from the power grid, as found in code by the blog 9to5mac. This allows the phone to know when the power grid is running at the cleanest time.

The new feature will be able to wait until the power grid is using less energy, and therefore running on more clean energy, before charging. This could potentially allow iPhones to limit the load on the power grid, as well as charge using more clean sources, which can be useful in situations where power is limited.

The system works similar to the ones already in the phone to optimize the life of the battery. They work by monitoring when people use their phones and keeping the battery below its maximum charge until it is needed – thereby reducing the strain on the battery.

Apple did not give any indication about when this feature would arrive. It said it would come in a future version of iOS 16, along with other features that have been announced but aren’t ready yet, such as new ways to share photos with family and “live activities” that can be played on the lock screen. will show the information.

It also gave no indication of whether the feature would come to other Apple products. But it specifically said the feature would be limited to the US, possibly due to the need to obtain local information from the power grid.

iOS 16 is available to download now, and includes a host of features, including a dramatically redesigned and more personalized lockscreen.

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