Apple profited more from games in 2019 than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo combined

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Despite not making any games of its own, the tech giant continued to dominate the major console makers.

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california tech giants Apple Made more profit from games in 2019 than the three major console makers, Sony, Microsoft And Nintendo, Joint.

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a new report from wall street journal have disclosed the figures that were part of Apple Antitrust trial, confirming that the App Store generated $8.5 billion, however, Apple opposed this, suggesting that the figure was somewhat higher.

Apple It achieved this due to its significant reduction of 30 percent, which it takes from all purchases on the App Store. This cut is the biggest in the sports publishing world, something that fortnite manufacturers epic games Wanting to see change, however, his efforts have so far been unsuccessful.


during his recent trial Epic desire to reduce the amount of money Apple makes it through its in-game purchases, the tech giant pointed out that other platforms like of google The Play Store uses the exact same system. while the judge agreed Apple, he forced them to offer other payment methods inside those apps that would theoretically bypass the 30 percent cut.

that was not an accurate result Epic wanted, and at the time of writing, fortnite remains closed Apple stage after the trial.

Interestingly, one of the console makers that Apple What Nintendo managed to beat at an advantage, in fact, contributed to their success, as super mario run And pokemon go Both are hugely successful on the platform and feature many in-game purchases.

In other news, former Retro Studios director of development and producer, Brian Walker, revealed recently canceled plans for an open world Metroid Prime Play.

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