Apple update gives users an easy way to report scams in the App Store

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Apple has updated its App Store with a new Report a Problem button that allows users to highlight whether the software on its platform is flawed or contains a scam.

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The button includes a dedicated “Report a Scam or Fraud” option in the drop-down menu, which makes it easy to raise concerns. Previously, users had to scroll to the bottom of the Apps or Games tab in the App Store and go through multiple menus to generate a report – or be redirected to Apple Support.

The changes being rolled out in the new version of iOS 15 come after multiple reports of scam software on the iPhone and iPad via the App Store, despite the company’s reputation for privacy.


For example, in April, a secret casino game was found hidden in an endless runner game designed for kids.

If opened by a user in the US, the app will launch the game, but when the player uses the VPN to change their location to Turkey and launches the app again, the casino will appear.

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While the moderation policies of large technology companies have often been criticized, many competitors employ much higher numbers of human reviewers for their App Stores than Apple.

Apple’s App Store moderation policies were recently called into question during the iPhone giant’s feud with Epic Games, which helped reveal that there are only 500 people working to review about 100,000 apps every week.

Documents surfaced as part of company’s antitrust case Eric Friedman, head of Apple’s Fraud Engineering Algorithm and Risk (Fear) unit, is quoted as saying that the review process is “more like a beautiful lady welcoming you at the airport than a drug-sniffing dog”. He said Apple was incompetent to “remove sophisticated attackers”.

In response, Apple claimed that its market is “significantly safer” than Android, and cited 2018 data showing that the iPhone platform “accounted for only 0.85 percent of malware infections compared to Android”.

It’s unclear what the process is when an app is reported via this button, or whether Apple is expanding its team of human reviewers in light of this change. Apple did not respond independent Request for comment ahead of time of publication.


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