There are new aluminum colors for the Apple Watch Series 7. The cover has been changed occasionally a bit. The top crystal is stronger than ever. All these improvements, and others, are nice but lackluster compared to a true new feature of the Apple Watch Series 7: a bigger display screen.

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While the most recent Apple Watches don’t feel squeezed for screen space, the new model’s 396 x 484 pixels display really shows how great it feels to have the most screen real estate possible. It is also a practical addition to the watch. Software buttons are more tappable. More text fits on the screen and can be expanded to a larger size. A full QWERTY keyboard has also been added to the Series 7 watches.

The improvement in screen size is so noticeable on the Series 3 and earlier Apple watches, that it’s easy to be convinced upgrading to a new watch. As I slipped on the new Series 7, I was curious how different it would be from the previous, Series 6, model. Is this a compelling upgrade for people with new Apple Watches in general?

tl; Dr



  • great performance; better readability
  • increase crystal durability
  • New watch face and QWERTY keyboard


  • Series 6. Overall minor upgrade from
  • no new health sensor
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Apple Watch Series 7 Sizes and Bands

I immediately noticed the large screen while setting up the new watch. Creating a pass code shows the big buttons that are possible. Even though the items on the screen got bigger, I didn’t notice any change in the physical size of the watch case. It’s there, it’s ever bigger, but not enough to make a difference.

The Series 7 watch comes in 41mm and 45mm. These feel very similar to the previous sizes. The biggest concern for size is around the band. In short, nothing has changed for the current watch band.

Despite the Series 7’s increase in physical size, all previous Apple Watch bands will work with the new watch. For example, both the smaller, 38mm and 40mm bands from the previous model will work with the new 41mm watch, and the larger 42mm and 44mm bands from the past will work with the new 45mm size.

series 7 color

Aluminum watches do not have silver or black colours. This is disappointing at first glance. Standard silver, black or gold colors are available only in stainless steel and titanium models. The most common color options for the entry-level Apple Watch are now Starlight and Midnight. Starlight is a silvery gold, while Midnight is a blackish blue.

I’ve gone back and forth between silver and black (or whatever the dark color choice is called) over the years. I was initially planning on ordering a Series 7 watch at Starlight, but I’m really enjoying the Midnight Color. Anyone who wants a black clock should choose Midnight. Yes, it has a slight hint of dark blue, but only in bright light in very rare instances. I estimate that more than 99 percent of the time, I just saw it as black.

There are new color options in blue, green and (product) red. I haven’t seen these in person, and I can’t comment on those shades. I have a Starlight iPad mini, and I love that color too, but it’s a bit more discreet in color than Midnight.

things that are new on series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 now charges faster. (Charger is included in the box.) It will only take 45 minutes for the watch to charge from zero to 80 percent. This is a feature that can come in handy but may not be useful every day. For example, despite usually doing 30 to 60 minutes of track exercise daily, I don’t need to charge my watch all day. The fast-charging cable didn’t affect my overnight charging habits.

This will come in handy for people using Apple Watch while traveling or for doing sleep tracking.

There are two new watch faces available on the Series 7: Contour and Modular Duo. Both of these take advantage of the large screen size. I initially assumed the contour was a visual gimmick, with numbers pitted against the outside edge, and it may well be one. But I have found it to be an attractive watch face in practice and have liked it a lot.

The modular Duo Face stacks the two biggest complications on top of each other. I love the idea of ​​this facial, but I don’t have two major complications that I want to use like this. Instead, six minor complications may be more useful. For what it’s worth, the Modular Duo feels tighter than any other watch face.

Another highlight of the new watch is its improved brightness when not active. The time on the clock should be visible at a glance when it is resting in its place. It’s brighter, that’s not a lie, but I didn’t find it as noticeable as I was expecting. Plus, the comparison of the Series 6 and Series 7 didn’t make a surprising difference in steady brightness, at least to my eyes.

Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 7?

A bigger screen is definitely better. (To that end, a brighter screen and faster charging are even better.) The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best Apple Watch ever. This is probably the best smartwatch ever. There is no doubt that first-timers should opt for one of the Series 7 models.

The upgrade question is a tough, tough question to be sure. Anyone with a Series 3 watch, or earlier, wants a new watch should upgrade to a Series 7. But, if you have a SE, Series 5 or Series 6 and can hold another year, I’d probably wait. The new screen size is great, and it’ll be waiting for when you’re ready to upgrade. I didn’t pay as much attention to the Series 7’s big screen as I was expecting, compared to my Series 6. And since there’s no new health sensor, I can spend an extra year without too much FOMO.

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