Apple’s new AirPods pro 2 are pricey, but superior for audiophiles

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The latest AirPods released by Apple is an update to its premium in-ear offering – AirPods Pro. This is the second generation version (Apple isn’t calling the new earbuds ‘AirPods Pro 2’, at least, the earlier models won’t be produced).

The new version offers additional features related to audio quality, noise-canceling performance and, importantly, battery life. The new earbuds also don’t have a different design or additional colors to choose from. Still, the benefits are significant, and come at the same price as the previous model (£249).

The updated processor promises something called “personal spatial audio,” which also says to take a look into your ear with the iPhone camera (so maybe make sure you’ve washed before doing that).

how we tested

I tested the new AirPods pro in different environments to test out the new Adaptive Transparency mode, which aims to make sure you can hear the outside world and reduce environmental noise that’s unpleasant to hear. Yep, that’s right, AirPods pro are now on the way to make real life even better.

I listened at length to test the comfort and see how long the battery actually lasted. I also tested call quality (for the wearer and for the person on the other end of the line).

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