APRIL’s Nun Thanx Weeki Makey’s Kim Dion for Saving Support for New New Drama

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    Naeun of APRIL and Kim Doyeon of Weki Meki once again showed their loving friendship!

    On February 16, Naeun took to Instagram to share a picture of the snack truck, sent by Kim Doyon to the set of “Taxi Driver”.

    “Taxi Driver” is an upcoming SBS drama about a mysterious taxi service that seeks revenge on behalf of victims who are unable to get justice from the law. This includes Lee J Hoon, Esom, Kim Yoo Sung, Nayun and more. Neyun plays the role of a hacker who is skilled at finding and revealing personal information.

    In the caption, Naeun wrote, “You’re as impressive as ever, Do Do [Kim Doyeon’s nickname]! In the banner of the snack truck, Kim Doyan wrote, “Naun, is the film going well?” Eat well and gain strength! I’m always making you happy. “

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    Both Naeun and Kim Doyeon were born in 1999, making friends of equal age and both in the same class at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). They last appeared together as guests on the TVN variety show “Amazing Saturday”. The two are also close friends of Red Velvet’s Yari, who was also born in 1999.

    Kim Doyon was recently confirmed to be joining the cast of the upcoming TVN drama “Desperate Coitus”, starring Children’s Day’s Hyori and Jung Ki Yong.

    Check out Naeun in “Paranormal You” here …

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    … and Kim Doyon in “Single and Ready to Mingle” here!

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