‘Aren’t bulletproof, but they are effective’: N.B. infectious disease specialist urges COVID-19 vaccination

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Dr. Gordon Dow as an infectious disease specialist knows the gravity of COVID-19.

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He will tell anyone to defeat the virus, people must have Amur’s suit and shield.

He works with the Horizon Health Network and gives a presentation on how vaccines help prevent hospitalization and death, but also how it provides broad immunity against the COVID-19 virus.


“The pharmaceutical industry is working day and night to develop vaccines and to date more than 20 vaccines have been granted emergency use authorization globally and more than 100 vaccines are currently under research and testing,” he said in a presentation on Friday. Used to be.”

“The result is that we now have three billion people vaccinated around the world.

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In Canada, there are four authorized vaccines, two of which are “workhorse vaccines,” Dow said.

straight facts

They are Comirnati (Pfizer), Spikewax (Moderna), Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The latter two haven’t seen much use in Canada or Atlantic Canada, Dow said.

Dow reported that 51 studies were conducted for the Cominternity vaccine and 14 for Spikevax. Both came in the 90 to 100 percent range of avoidance of death.

Cominternity was 85 to 98 percent effective against severe infections.

Spikewax was 90 to 96 percent effective against severe infections.

Comirneti and Spikewax were 80 to 95 percent and 87 to 100 percent effective against symptomatic infections, respectively.

“Both of these vaccines are very effective,” he said. “They’re not bulletproof, but they’re effective.”

Spikewax and Komirneti were 92 percent and 65 to 95 percent effective, respectively, against asymptomatic infections.

Dow said in its presentation that both have high rates of preventing any infection that includes all of the above conditions.

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However, there are limitations and the low efficacy deserves attention, he said.

Comirneti shows less efficacy in people who are immunized. Shows low efficacy for both beta and delta variants.

virus life cycle

Dow said the virus replication cycle is eight hours.

The virus can perform up to 1000 mutations per day during peak infection.

“Most mutations do not help the virus, but some make people more apt to survive infection, better able to avoid vaccines,” he said. “We should expect variants going forward.”

For comparison, Dow talks about the typical cell replication cycle. The virus replicates every eight hours whereas in the typical human replication cycle, it is 25 years.

“It takes us 25 years to do what this virus does in eight,” he said. “Human adaptation, genetic adaptation happens slowly because the generation time is 25 years. Along with these things, they repeat every eight hours.”

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long term effectiveness

Dow also explains how the vaccine remains in place over time.

One month after vaccination, it is against non-delta infections at 97 percent. For Delta, it stands at 93 percent.

After four months, it stands at 67 percent against non-delta infections and 53 percent in deltas.

After six months, it counts against hospitalization at 95 percent for non-deltas and 93 percent for deltas.

He said that because it is almost pointless at the six-month mark, governments and public health are moving to provide boosters and a third dose for the most vulnerable.

“You can see they are very strong,” he said. “These vaccines work exceptionally well at preventing hospitalization and death.”

The vaccination has saved 3 million lives since being approved for emergency use, Dow said, with 140,000 lives saved in the US between January and May 2021 alone.

moving forward against the virus

“Vaccines provide their greatest benefit at the individual level and they do so by preventing hospitalization and death,” he said.

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He said that public health measures work at the population level.

Dow said it’s easier if people think about it this way:

“Vaccination is the suit of your hobby and it saves you from hospitalization and death. Public health measures are the shield that protects our population from transmission of COVID to each other.”

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