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The White House chief of staff should never use emoji.

Using two of them, President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klein, stepped on a landmine when he backed up a Harvard economist’s tweet that suggested there was an increasing demand for goods across the country. Cost is a “high-grade problem”.


An incredibly tone-deaf message to be delivered by an administration already under fire for being out of touch with ordinary Americans (a recent Quinnipiac poll showed the number of people who say President Biden needs to be in general) Americans’ cares fell from 58% to 49% in April).

Inflation is real and so is the pain the average American is feeling.

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Top White House official retweet after calling inflation, supply chain issues ‘high-grade problems’

On Election Day 2020, the price of a gallon of petrol was $2.122. Today it is $3.306.

The price of coffee in November 2020 was $4.485 per pound. Last month (the most recent month with available data) it was priced at $4.733.

In November 2020, the price of orange juice was $2.285 per 12 oz. can do. Last month it was $2.544.

And get ready for the pain this winter will cause as the prices people pay for domestic heating oil and natural gas increase.

These are not upper class problems. They are costly problems that disproportionately hurt low-income and middle-income Americans who already have enough to worry about.

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klein, who backed the tweet, claims inflation is a problem of the ‘upper class’

In addition to being oblivious to the causes of inflation damage, another problem posed by Klein’s message is how the Democrat Party is increasingly becoming a party of elite high-income Americans, postgraduate degree Americans, Harvard economists and college graduates. who can pay the higher cost. .

Democrats, who brag that they are champions of working Americans, are increasingly isolating themselves from America’s middle class – while Republicans are increasingly drawn to them.

President Biden promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 a year, yet a massive tax increase approved by the House Ways and Means Committee last month raised $96 to people who smoke or use e-cigarettes. Billion tax hiked. I guess those don’t count. Democrats should see them as lower class people who do not have upper class problems.

Democrats can claim that they are raising taxes only on the wealthy, even though their legislation is a direct, tax-raising contradiction of that claim. The Democrat tax increase on corporations would also be paid for by all Americans.

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Every time Democrats claim they’re taxing the rich, middle-income Americans end up paying the tab.

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The Democrats are also the party that wants to reinstate a massive tax cut that actually allows the wealthy to fully deduct the cost of state and local taxes, along with interest on expensive mortgage payments, from federal income tax. These wealthy taxpayers actually have a high-class problem – a modern-day Democrat party eager to fix.

Twitter, as everyone knows, is full of landmines. Ron Klein stepped up on one, revealing just how out-of-touch the Biden administration really is with working Americans.

The Chief of Staff of the White House is an influential and busy role. Biden should tweet less. And never use emoji.

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