Ariana Grande’s ‘Worst Behavior’ lyrics are a message for her fiance Dalton Gomez

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    Ariana Grande Posts (Deluxe) Gone on Friday, February 19 and fans are liking the new tracks. The album is largely about Grande’s personal life – her own relationship, her career, and her romantic relationship – and given that she is engaged to Dalton Gomez, it’s safe to say that the songs of love are about her Are in

    But a unique love song Posts (Deluxe) It’s all about setting boundaries for their relationship, and Grande’s “Worst Behavior” lyrics make clear how she makes her relationship feel in the public eye.

    Ariana Grande attends the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on January 26, 2020 Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Recording Academy

    Ariana Grande announces her engagement to Dalton Gomez on December 20, 2020

    Grande and Gomez have reportedly been together since January 2020. The pair teamed up with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and moved from New York City to Los Angeles, where the real estate agent lives. Fans got a glimpse of their quarantine life in Grande and Justin Bieber’s “Stuck With You” music video.

    The “God is a Woman” singer announced her engagement on December 20, 2020 instagram.

    “Forever en to something,” she captioned the post, which featured her diamond and pearl engagement ring.

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    Ariana Grande’s famous exile affected her relationship with Dalton Gomez

    This is certainly not Grande’s first engagement. She There was a tornado romance with Pete Davidson from June to October 2018, when they called off their engagement. She Also dated and off late Mac Miller for many years. Ricky Alvarez and Big Sean are two other famous Axis from Grande.

    According to Entertainment Tonight, Grande learned from her past relationships that she should not let her future be made public.

    A source told the outlet, “Ariana is having some hesitation about her relationship with Dalton, as she has seen how she has worn her previous relationships.” “Dalton and Ariana are together in Los Angeles during quarantine, and this is a great opportunity for them to spend quality time together.”

    “Ariana and Dalton are spending time together to work with each other and keep things short and private,” the source said. “They are mainly keeping to themselves and just enjoying their time.”

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    Ariana Grande’s ‘Worst Behavior’ lyrics are about keeping her love life private

    The “Worst Behavior” songs are all about keeping their relationship private, and the way he wants her and Gomez to go for doing so.

    In the first poem, she sings about spontaneity:

    I’ve been on my worst behavior / But baby, I don’t need a savior / I’m out of the way / But I don’t like the way I feel / feel. I forgot to mention / I’ll be there at five

    In the pre-chorus, Grand Crones talks about keeping things simple, capturing the person and always keeping their love a secret. She Sing:

    We don’t really need to talk too much / show each other what we know / I found other ways to catch you / couldn’t do it over the phone / so can you keep it a secret?

    The chorus shows how serious she is about maintaining secrecy with this engagement:

    This will not play any game with you / This time I know I will be with you / Just promise you will not say anything / ‘Are you not actin’, don’t be actin ‘like, babe / no phone, No pics, no postin ‘us / This love is not just disposable / Just take what’s yours, don’t run away from it / Don’t act like you’re actin’ “You’re like actin, babe

    To say “just you won’t promise ‘” and “this love is not just usable” make it clear that she wants to protect her relationship because she knows how special it is – a fact that she “posts in” , “” She is all about doing things she did not expect to do in a relationship because she knows it means a lot to her partner. And she seeks reciprocity in the “worst behavior.” Still working.

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