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A DEA agent and a suspect were killed and two law enforcement officers were injured during a shooting inside an Amtrak train that stopped at an Arizona station on Monday, officials said.

The Tucson Police Department told Granthshala News that the shooting took place at a train station in downtown Tucson at around 8 a.m. Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams told Granthshala News that Train 2, a Sunset Limited, was traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The 137 passengers on board and 11 crew members were evacuated from the station.


Abrams said the crew of the passengers were not injured. He said Amtrak is working with local and federal officials.

Security footage at the station posted online shows a train approaching the station while other footage shows some shooting.

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Several shots can be heard from inside a train in front of a man, who appears to be a security officer with a dog, boards in the middle of the second-to-last car through an open door. The two bystanders back away and then run into the back of a baggage cart, joined by four others as they escort each other to the last car and the door closes.

Police did not confirm whether an officer was shot but cold tv One officer is reported to have been injured in the shooting. A source told the news outlet that the injured officer was taken to hospital.

An eyewitness said the two men approached the other on the train and said they wanted to talk to him. Cold said that as soon as they got out of the train, shots were fired.

Evan Courtney was in a lounge car when people suddenly came running shouting: “Fire you!”

“I grabbed my backpack and ran away,” he told the Associated Press via Twitter direct messaging.

They later tweeted pictures of officers hugging each other.