Arizona School Principal Threatened With Zip Ties After Asking Student To Quarantine

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Footage of the incident shows a man accusing Mesquite Elementary School staff of “bullying children and families” by enforcing COVID-19 protocols.

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Police were called to an Arizona elementary school campus this week after the father of a student allegedly threatened the principal With the arrest of a civilian because she was enforcing the COVID-19 protocol.

Well Unified School District Superintendent John Carruth LOCAL OUTLET KOLD . told News 13 that several students at Mesquite Elementary School, about 27 miles southeast of Tucson, needed to be quarantined this week after coming into contact with a man who tested positive for COVID-19.


The father of one of those students, however, disagreed with the school’s decision. On Thursday, he and two other men — one of whom was reportedly with zip ties — confronted Principal Diane Vargo in her office.

video footage One of the alleged incidents featured a man accusing Mesquite Elementary School staff of “bullying children and families,” who says he is not the student’s father.

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“What’s happening is wrong, and we’re not going to keep it in our community,” man says in the clip. “We don’t tolerate law breakers who are going to bully their own people, make kids feel like they’re criminals, quarantine and isolate kids who aren’t sick.”

There was no damage to the sections in the incident. The three men left the school before the police arrived and no arrests have been made.

Carruth denounced the controversy in an interview Washington Post on Friday.

“One of the most powerful tools as adults is the behavior we model for young people – and the behavior that was done today makes me really sad,” he said. “Showing a school with zip ties is not the way to solve a problem.”

The news follows several other incidents of parents protesting COVID-19 protocols as schools reopen while the delta version continues to spread.

Jason Wedges of Sutter Creek, Calif. facing rape charges For battery of a school employee, disturbing the peace by using offensive language after he allegedly attacked a teacher at his daughter’s elementary school over a dispute over a disruptive attendance and mask at a school. Teacher allegedly required hospital treatment.


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