A Senate panel in Arizona on Thursday approved an abortion law that would prohibit, among other things, a procedure based on an unborn child’s Down syndrome diagnosis or other genetic abnormality.

If doctors performed those abortions, they could face two to nine years in prison. While the bill frees mothers from civil or criminal liability, fathers who marry mothers can take civil action on behalf of the child.

Each Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee opposed the bill, which would also follow other anti-abortion initiatives in clarifying that unborn children have equal rights, privileges and immunity available to other citizens. It appears limited, however, as the law noted that those rights were “subject only to the Constitution of the United States” and the decisions of the Supreme Court.

“It would certainly reframe that kind of medical advice as a doctor potentially facing up to 8 years in prison for notifying his patient of these abnormalities,” Tucson Democratic Sen. Kirsten Engel said.

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But Katie Glenn, who serves as a government affairs attorney at American United for Life, told Granthshala News that the bill was a tool to prevent discrimination.

“The most dangerous place for a person with Down syndrome is in the womb,” she said on Friday. “You don’t have to be born to protect yourself from the tragedy of disability discrimination. It is to recognize great legalists to see that what we all know is true – that people with Down syndrome deserve to live life.”

Republican Sen. Nancy Barto of Phoenix said her proposal The dignity of the most vulnerable and protected embryos needs to be restored, so that they can be buried or cremated. Granting under the law, in the case of surgical abortion, mothers have the right to determine what is the “method and place for the final disposal of bodily remains”? Fact sheet. There was also a ban on drug abortion.

“The bill is about restricting abortion care and banning abortions, and it’s not about protecting people with disabilities as sponsors would lead us to believe,” said Marilyn Rodriguez of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona . She It has been called “a cruel attempt to limit abortions again, this time by targeting families who are seeking this option after learning their embryos.”

While the future of the bill is uncertain, Republicans control the governorship and both houses of the state legislature.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.