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Texas may be ground zero for a border crisis, but Arizona is seeing the biggest increase in border traffic, with video from some 20 hidden cameras showing pipelines of migrants into the state in remote mountain and desert regions.

“I’ve been at the border for years and it was fine. Now they’ve got over us,” said the Arizona man who installed the cameras. “I’m not a prejudiced person, but when you have Border Patrol chasing people on your land you have to ask when is this going on.”


The retired man asked to remain anonymous for his personal safety and because he does not want trafficking groups or immigration rights organizations to find out where he hides the cameras. But for two years, cameras have captured the never-ending flow of migrant traffic that has escaped border patrol.

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Day and night, most single males in single file have climbed mountains and through rivers that run north, 10 to 50 miles from the actual Mexican border.

Most people wear camouflage shirts and pants and carry backpacks that agents say are often filled with drugs. From the sweltering heat of August to the cool January temperatures, migrants keep pace and some lag behind. Some videos show migrants suddenly falling to the ground – possibly when they hear a car or someone approaching.

In an August 2021 video, the last migrant in line dragged a blanket to hide the tracks so that Border Patrol trackers would not know how many were in the group.

in three others Video, A dozen or more illegal immigrants are seen jumping into the bed of pickup trucks, possibly headed to a stash house in Phoenix or San Diego, where smugglers will demand the balance of their transit fees. Former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott told Granthshala News that in the past 12 months more than 400,000 migrants crossed the border illegally without being arrested.

Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, received a briefing on the spike in Arizona traffic in Yuma last week.

Shoes worn by migrant seeking asylum in Yuma Border Patrol Sector.

“99.9 percent of these people are not fleeing political persecution or religious persecution,” Graham said. “They’re trying to find a better deal in America, and we can’t let everyone in the world use that as a reason to come to America. [Border Patrol Sector] Chiefs here are concerned that what is happening in Texas is coming to Arizona. It’s a weird game.”

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In fiscal year 2020 under President Trump, the Yuma sector caught 8,069 illegal immigrants. The numbers for the last month of FY 2021 are yet to be reported – 91,841 migrants were arrested. This is an increase of 1,038 percent as compared to a range-wide 325% increase. The next highest was the Rio Grande Valley with an increase of 542% to 493,993 fears.

Goods used by migrants seeking asylum in the Yuma Border Patrol area.

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But what makes Yuma unusual is the source of many of these migrants. Unlike Texas, the majority of single adults and families who come here are not from Mexico or the Northern Triangle countries.

“what the hell happened?” Graham asked. “You have changed into a policy of staying in Mexico. Everyone who comes here in the Yuma region, almost none is from Mexico or the North Triangle countries. They are from Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Russia So the general view of the world right now is to come to America, take refuge, claim you never leave.”

Graham said after visiting Yuma, “Today I saw people from Venezuela and Brazil who had better stuff than me. They’re dressed very well. They’re trying to use the asylum system in America to make a better living.” Huh.” Area.

“Clearly, this is no longer an economic situation. This is a chance to come to the US and run the system. I noticed that the Brazilian immigrants did not appear to be financially disadvantaged.”