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Police in Texas say an armed customer intervened in a robbery attempt at a fried chicken fast food restaurant, leading to two robbers being shot.


One died and the other was admitted to the hospital.

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Port Arthur police responded to a robbery at a church chicken at around 8:45 p.m. Friday.

Detectives learned that two handcuffed suspects were robbing the restaurant, but an armed civilian intervened and a gunfight ensued.

Police say “several” shots were fired.

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The robbery suspects parted ways and were later traced by police officers 12 News.

One suspect died in the hospital and the other was treated in the ER.

The armed civilian remained at the scene, was interrogated by spies and then released.

Police Chief Tim Duriso told kfdm that one of the suspects may be from Louisiana and they are investigating to see if there is any connection to the robbery at Jack in the Box the day before.