Army bosses accused of cover-up after soldier ‘killed sex worker and hid body’

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Army bosses have been accused of concealing the murder of a 21-year-old sex worker who was allegedly murdered by a soldier nearly 10 years ago.

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Agnes Wanjiru’s body was found in a septic tank at the Lions Court Hotel in Nanyuki, two months after she disappeared in March 2012. The town is a 10-minute car journey from the British Army Training Unit Kenya (Batuk) camp.

NS Sunday Times said that a fellow soldier had gone to the “reasonable people” soon after confessing to a murder by a squad, but said that when he reported it he was told to “shut up” and that no action was taken .


The soldier, identified only as “Soldier Y”, said: “I told the proper people. Everybody. All the boys, all the senior command who were there.

“I went to the higher level, the hierarchy, the people who should have dealt with it. I was called a liar. They basically just said, ‘Shut up and get out.'”

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The Duke of Lancaster Regiment soldier named his associates to be responsible, the paper said – referring to the alleged killer only as “Soldier X”.

“Soldier Y” described the squad showing his body in the septic tank, saying: “He took me to the tank and picked it up, and I looked inside and I just remembered seeing him there.

“My heart sank. My mind just went blank. All I could say to them was: ‘I will never forgive you for this’.

Ms Wanjiru’s body was discovered two months later, when the squad returned to the UK.

An initial investigation into Ms. Wanjiru’s death was unsuccessful, but a new investigation was launched after the investigation was delayed until 2019, which found Ms. Wanjiru was killed illegally. Sunday Times Reported last month.

Judge Njeri Thuku wrote at the end of the investigation that he “formed the opinion that Agnes was murdered by British soldiers”.

The newspaper said “Soldier X” denied any involvement in the murder of Ms. Wanjiru, whose postmortem found she had died of stab wounds to her chest and abdomen.

There was also evidence that she was beaten, although it was not clear whether she had been sexually assaulted due to the condition of her body.

eyewitnesses told Sunday Times Ms. Wanjiru, a well-known sex worker, was last seen leaving the hotel bar with two British soldiers.

Labor’s shadow defense secretary John Healy accused his Tory rival Ben Wallace of not taking the matter “seriously”. “They should pledge full cooperation to Kenyan spies and initiate an investigation into any possible cover-up from commanding officers, military police or MoD,” Mr Healy said of the Secretary of State.

He continued: “The details of the death of this young Kenyan woman are appalling, yet there has been no action from the defense ministers on reports of serious failures by the British military in this matter.

“When our forces serve overseas they stand up for British values ​​and if these allegations are proven, those values ​​will be deeply betrayed.”

Mr Healy concluded by saying that, nine years later, “there must now be justice for Agnes and her family”.

Tweeting about the story, Labor MP Jess Phillips described it as a “tragic story” and said it would “put pressure on the Secretary of Defense for an answer”.

“Her name was Agnes Wanjiru and we owe her,” said Ms. Phillips.

Ms Wanjiru – a hairdresser who had recently turned to sex work to provide for her five-month-old baby, Stacy – was last seen by witnesses on the evening of 31 March 2012.

His body was found naked behind the rooms where the soldiers were staying, without some advanced decomposition of fingers and toes. According to details from the Sunday Times, Ms. Wanjiru had a 2-cm wound in the lower right side of her abdomen and a blunt force injury to her chest. His lungs were also broken.

The investigation into Ms Wanjiru’s death came to a halt when in June 2012, Kenyan police requested the British Royal Military Police (RMP) to interrogate nine soldiers who are said to have gone missing.

Detectives reportedly asked the RMP to ask the soldiers 13 questions, including whether any of them had sex with Ms. Wanjiru, the night she disappeared.

The request included a photograph of the victim, as well as requests for DNA samples from nine men.

The man who allegedly confessed to the murder was not among the nine people Sunday Times.

“The jurisdiction of this investigation rests with the Kenyan Police, and we are currently discussing with the Kenyan authorities whether support is needed,” a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further as it is subject to an ongoing investigation.”


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