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US Army veteran, former NFL player and Arkansas Senate primary candidate Jake Baquet said it is “shocking” to him that the Biden administration and Democrats have tried to “move on” from the “crisis” in Afghanistan, telling officials Slogan for “attempt to legitimize”. A killer regime. “

Baquet reacted to the news during an interview with Granthshala News that the State Department’s Inspector General had initiated “multiple oversight projects” related to the end of US military and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.


State Department Inspector General to investigate Biden administration’s return to Afghanistan

“What happened in Afghanistan was a humiliation and a defeat,” Bequet said. “It’s shocking to me that the Democrats and the Biden administration and the mainstream media have tried to move on from this crisis when there are still American citizens trapped there.”

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Bequet criticized the administration, saying they were attempting to “legalize” the Taliban, which he called a “killer regime”.

The Biden administration has described its talks with the Taliban as “professional” and “professional”.

Bequette was inducted into the US Army in August 2017. Bequet said he completed Army Ranger School in October 2018 and became part of the 101st Airborne Division stationed in Iraq.

“As an army veteran, active duty and someone who served in the final days of our presence at Kabul airport, this is a shock to me,” Bequet said. “It’s a blow to the whole country.”

The inspector general reviews will focus on the State Department’s Special Immigrant Visa Program, the resettlement of Afghans, refugees and visa recipients processed for refugee entry into the US, and the emergency evacuation of the US Embassy in Kabul, according to an October 15 memo . Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was the first Politico. reported by and confirmed by Granthshala News.

Other inspector general offices, including the Defense Department and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, are reportedly also considering launching a similar investigation into the withdrawal.

Bequet criticized the administration’s withdrawal and its diplomatic efforts in Afghanistan, saying it “harmed this country’s reputation on the international stage.”

“It’s a lot more than Afghanistan and the Middle East – China is watching. Russia is watching. North Korea, Iran – when they see weakness from the US commander in chief, it encourages them,” Bequet said. .

Baquet took a dig at his opponent – the incumbent Republican Sen. John Boozman – saying “the people of Arkansas want their leaders to stand up and lead from the front – draw a line in the sand, and demand accountability.”

“Not just from the Biden administration,” he said. “But also by the invisible establishment Republicans.”

Senate Candidate Jake Baquet, Army Veteran, Says He Feels ‘Called to Wear Uniforms’ After 9/11

Bequet said there is “quite a contrast” between him and Boozman, adding that he is “not a career politician.”

“I’m not working in Washington, D.C., in my thirties,” the 32-year-old candidate told Granthshala News. “I’m an outsider.”

Bequet said he comes from a “sports, military and leadership background,” and has vowed to “always stand up for issues that the people of Arkansas truly care about,” noting that they include “national security.” and the effectiveness of our military”.

“They understand the existential threat posed by American weakness overseas,” Bequet said.

As for his campaign, the primary against Boozeman is in May 2022 — and seven months later, Becquet said he and his campaign have been “blown away by the amount of support we have.”

“People are excited to see a young, courageous, conservative veteran speak the language of the electorate and stand up for Arkansas values,” Bequet said. He said people are “energetic”.

“People are waking up to the fact that we have to fight against the radical leftist agenda at all levels of government,” Bequet said. “We are going to take this country back, but to do that we will need great leadership.”

He added: “God willing, I will be part of the effort to lead that fight.”