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Hours before President Biden’s speech on combating inflation, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) launched new digital ads targeting House Democrats over rising consumer prices.

“This November, from the folks who brought you the most expensive Fourth of July in history, the sequel is even worse,” the narrator says in commercials for the House GOP’s reelection arm. Shared with Granthshala News Tuesday morning.


The House’s GoP election wing blames Democrats for costly Thanksgiving

The narrator then alleges that “the reckless spending of the Democrats has made everything more expensive.”

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A new ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee takes aim at the president and his party over rising fuel and food prices.

“You like high gas prices?” The announcer on the spot says. “If So, Introduction: Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

Senate GOP reelection committee ads are running at gas station pumps in major general battleground states starting Tuesday as Americans hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Biden’s new move tries to reduce rising prices at gas pumps

The new spots from the NRSC and NRCC are the latest ads from GOP committees and pro-Republican outside groups running for re-election in 2022 to potentially target vulnerable House and Senate Democrats. mid term election, Democrats are defending razor-thin majorities in both the House and Senate and the GOP sees inflation as a winning issue as it aims to secure a majority in both chambers next year.

“When you cut out all the noise and chatter, the midterms of next year will depend on the state of the economy. Right now the warning signs for President Biden and change in the party are glowing red. When you control the government, that’s it. You own the results,” said veteran Republican strategist Colin Reid.

Republicans have been arguing for months that Democrats’ spending measures — from the COVID relief package to the bipartisan infrastructure measure Biden signed into law earlier this month — and the party’s social spending and climate change-combatting package passed. A week ago – Inflation is accelerating.

“A key driver of these price increases and increased cost of living is clear: a massive increase in government spending by Democrats,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., charged early in the summer.

GOP governors team up to reshape America’s supply chain

and NRSC Chair Sen. Rick Scott Florida argued in early June that Americans are “scared of what is happening with inflation” and claimed that “the Biden agenda and the Democrat agenda are not popular.”

The NRCC was one of the first committees to go along with ads criticizing the White House and congressional Democrats on the issue.

,Burgers, buns, propane, gas. Your Fourth of July is more expensive this year because the Democrats’ damaging economic policies are making everyday goods cost more,” alleged the narrator in an NRCC spot in early July.

Fox News poll on inflation

Fast forward about five months and inflation grew in size as a major concern for Americans.

Inflation is rising as a key issue in latest Granthshala News poll

About three-quarters of them had a . I inquired Granthshala news national poll was conducted earlier this month that said higher prices at grocery stores and gas pumps were causing financial hardship.

The survey ranked the economy as the top issue, and less than a quarter rated the economy positively, 10 points below the start of Biden’s presidency. The survey also indicated that inflation (at 45%) was the most pressing economic issue.

“Voters are feeling real pain at the pump and store. The good news for Biden is they want the government to do something about it. The bad news is they think he doesn’t.” said Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducted the Granthshala News poll with Republican Daron Shaw.

Granthshala News Primer: What is Inflation?

The rise in prices is a major factor in the decline in the president’s approval rating over the past four months and increased support for the GOP in the mid-term next year.

Biden speaks on inflation

The president stressed that his administration was prioritizing “reducing prices” and “ensuring our stores are fully stocked” in a speech at the Baltimore port in Maryland two weeks ago. Biden’s remarks came hours after new government data indicated consumer prices were rising to their highest level in three decades.

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“Everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more. And that’s worrying, even though wages are going up,” Biden said.

The president has argued for months that his proposals would combat inflation.

“My ‘Build Back Better’ plan will be a force to be reckoned with in order to achieve a lower price for Americans,” Biden stressed in July. “If your primary concern right now is inflation, you should be even more excited about this plan.”

While Democrats in the White House and Congress have said for months that spending measures would help curb inflation, in recent weeks they have begun to refocus their sales jobs, saying the bills would help curb inflation. , taking care of children and facing overall expenses. Family.

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“Here’s a contrast for you: While President Biden and Democrats are passing legislation to lower costs on everything from health care to child care and taking action to lower gas prices, Republican politics play out. It takes a particular level of indifference from Republicans to try to block policies to not only lower costs, but also to call high costs a ‘gold mine’ for their party,” the Democratic National Committee’s quick Response director Ammar Moussa told Granthshala News.

Moussa argued that “it is very clear that only President Biden and Democrats are interested in reducing governance and costs for middle-class families, and that is what voters can count on hearing in 2022.”