Ashley Cain shares video of baby Azaylia as she ‘turns 10 months old in heaven’

Ashley Cain has shared an exclusive unseen video of baby azalea as she “turns 10 months in heaven”.

The 30-year-old star and partner Safia Voraji, 33, lost their daughter to an incurable form of leukemia in April.

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Ashley Cain shares an exclusive video of baby azalea as she ‘turns 10 months in heaven’

Earlier today Ashley — who starred in the first series of MTV’s Ex on the Beach in 2016 — took to Instagram to share some adorable footage of herself and her daughter.

In the video, Ashley and Azealia can be seen watching TV next to each other in bed.

The bereaved father wrote a long caption about how much he misses his special girl.

He told his 1.9m followers: “My special girl turns 10 months in heaven today.

Ashley smiled at her daughter as she watched TV

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Ashley smiled at her daughter as she watched TV
Ashley kisses her baby girl on the cheek

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Ashley kisses her baby girl on the cheek

“She brought so much joy, love, strength, courage and gratitude to not only my life, but my peers, my families, and even people around the world.

“Even though I am hurt beyond words, I feel blessed and proud to say that I am your daddy and you are my daughter.

“You illuminated the world when it was dark, you gave hope when there was despair and the legacy you left behind will continue to help families and children around the world for decades to come.

“You were, you are and you will always be special my child.

Azealia passed away in April 2021 at the age of 10 months

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Azealia passed away in April 2021 at the age of 10 monthscredit: Instagram
Ashley shares Azalea's journey with her followers

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Ashley shares Azalea’s journey with her followerscredit: social media – view source

“I love you and I miss you so much! My hero #AzayliaDiamondCain.”

Friends, family and fans poured in in the comments section to send their love and support to the family.

One wrote: “The most beautiful precious angel. My heart breaks for you and Safia. The pain in your eyes alone speaks a thousand words ️❤️.”

Another said: “I think we all miss that little face that brightens up our feeds. Sending love. ️xxx.”

Azalea was diagnosed with leukemia two months after birth

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Azalea was diagnosed with leukemia two months after birthcredit: Instagram

A third commented: “Forever in your heart the love of your life that will never change .”

A fourth added: “Her face is beautiful beyond words. It hurts my heart to see this.”

Safiya also paid tribute to her baby girl on Instagram.

Along with a cute video of Azealia in Minnie Mouse Baby Bouncer, she wrote: “My hero turns 10 months old in heaven today💎

Safiya also took to Instagram to pay tribute to her daughter

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Safiya also took to Instagram to pay tribute to her daughtercredit: Instagram
Ashley with partner Safia

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Ashley with partner Safiacredit: Instagram

“Seeing you dancing and smiling in this clip makes my heart ache in my body and feel so proud of you all at the same time️👼🧡.

“You make me so proud every day, you inspire and absolutely push me when I struggle with my daily tasks I think about what you taught me, strength, courage, bravery and so much more. the reality of something.

“Azalea you saved lives and taught us so many lessons, I’m so proud to be your mom

“Not being able to hold you in my arms and kiss your beautiful face makes my body aching from head to toe, I will be with you for eternity one day 🙏 पहलेbut before I am with you in my home I need not to earn, and I will keep your name alive and continue your legacy.

Azaleas welcomed into the world in August 2020

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Azaleas welcomed into the world in August 2020credit: Instagram/@mrashleycain

“👼Azalea Diamond Can #letsgochamp.”

Ashley’s post came after she admitted that she felt crippled by grief after watching videos of her late daughter.

He has been trying his best to stay positive by running long distances and cycling.

But in an emotional Instagram video, he admitted that sometimes he drowns in sadness.

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Ashley Admits She’s “Sadly Crippled” After Losing Her Daughtercredit: InstagramINS

He said: “Today has been a difficult day. As much as you see me riding my bike and running and doing all this ‘let’s champion…’

“The time I’ve been sitting in my living room without a TV for the last two hours. I’m just staring at the wall. I feel crippled. I keep looking at pictures and watching videos and just crying.

“It affects you, and it’s hard and it’s painful everyday, and some days it stops you in your tracks so you can’t think of anything else. You can’t lift yourself, and I think That today is one of those days for me.”

A day later Ashley issued an emotional message to other grieving parents urging them to “don’t give up on yourself”.

Ashley approached other parents in a similar situation

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Ashley approached other parents in a similar situationcredit: Instagram

Sharing a touching post, he reassured other parents who are going through the same thing.

He wrote: “If there are any parents out there mourning the loss of their child, I want you to know that your children are in heaven where they can see you, hear you but not around you. Might as well pass.

He told his followers that it was important that they remain “strong” during extremely difficult times.

Ashley continued: “Don’t give up on yourself, it’s important that we stand up, we talk to them everyday and we make them proud.

“We can come together, stand strong, support each other and do good on this earth so that we can earn our place in heaven, where we will be with them for eternity.”

Just two months after Azalea was born in August 2020, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Ashley and Safiya managed to raise over £1 million in less than 24 hours to get their daughter treated in Singapore, but it was too late for their little one.

In April 2021 they decided to give her the best remaining week to take her home and be surrounded by her family.

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