Ashley Walters says TV needs “more black faces on screen”

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    “Bringing new talent to the table will give longevity to this movement”

    Ashley Walters has called for increasing black representation in TV and cinema as well as writing and directorial roles.

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    Speaking to Guardian In a new interview, Top boy The actor was asked whether he felt “pressured” to support the Black Lives Matter movement. “Behind the curtain, I’m fighting for black tones every day,” he said. “I have been doing this for many years. Posting something on social media can temporarily raise awareness but I want to make real changes.

    “We need to see more black faces on the screen, but even behind the camera, it must be in writing, production or directing. This movement will bring longevity by bringing new talents to the table. “

    Walters also said that he believed that the events of 2020 “awakened a lot of people who didn’t realize racism was evil.”

    The former So Solid crew man said, “It sometimes only highlights how hard it is to live one’s life.” “It is very few things. The other day, I mentioned to a white friend how, when planning a holiday, me and my wife would have to choose carefully which countries we go to. We have a lot of bad experiences where people are not used to seeing Black families. This man was like: ‘Wow, I didn’t know anything.’

    “Maybe the change is not happening as fast as we want but things are moving forward. It can continue for a long time, ”he said.

    ‘Top Boy’ season three. Credit: Chris Harris / Netflix

    Earlier this week (January 25) Walters was irritated Top boyIn the upcoming fourth season, the next version of the acclaimed show was called “Banger”.

    While delayed due to the coronovirus epidemic, and – A, filming is underway on season four NME Friends love these interviews with his contemporary Noel Clarke – the actor gave an update on the show’s progress.

    “Because of COVID, we’ve lost a lot of space, so we just have to keep going with the same things that we can do,” Walters explained. “One day we are [episode] Six, then back to one, then three.

    “It’s hard, but everyone has been assured to listen or watch, we’ve got another bang for yes. It’s definitely going to be good.”

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