Not father and mother? Sweden envisages introduction of gender-neutral terms for parents for ‘rainbow families’

    Sweden wants to revise its parental code, making it more gender-neutral. The law, based on traditional family, is largely obsolete because modern families “look different”, claims the country’s equality minister.

    Stockholm has launched a special investigation to review its 1950 parental code. Despite many amendments, the law is still based “Traditional nuclear family with a mother, father and children.” For Asa Lindjen, the Swedish minister for gender equality, this is a problem.

    Must have law “Reality-friendly,” Lindgen argued that he Spoke On Thursday with Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

    We need a law that is compatible with the present reality. Today, families may look different, and children may be born in different ways.

    Currently, the terms “Mother and father” Often used “Without completing any task” In law, Lindgen argued. Replacing them with gender-neutral words instead would reinforce this idea “Society should not discriminate against people on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.”

    Legislation will make life easier for overhaul “Family of the Rainbow,” The minister said. The issue is distinctly personal for Lindgen, as she is openly bisexual and has two children with a woman from whom she is separated.

    “I had to formally adopt a child that I did not have, as a relative, and it is definitely a very awkward situation to adopt my child. Before the adoption was completed I was very Could feel anxious because I had no legal rights, “ Lindgen told the broadcaster about his experience.

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    The minister said that in addition to helping same-sex couples, things would become easier for unconventional families with three or more partners.

    This can also be valid for families where the parents live in a heterosexual relationship and where there is a bonus father or bonus mother with whom the child has a very close relationship.

    Sweden is among the countries with the most progressive attitudes towards same-sex and other non-traditional relationships. Same-sex couples have been able to adopt children since the early 2000s, while marriage became legal for them back in 2009. Stockholm has, however, stopped short of the traditional parental terms. A government inquiry into the matter is scheduled to conclude by June 2022.

    Attempting to introduce gender-neutral words including replacement of “dad and mom” As with anything else, it has previously been done by government bodies in other countries – to a varying degree of success. Last year, France opted to replace gender-specific words with words in the country’s schools “Parent 1” And “Parent 2,” Bringing educational institutions in line with the country’s same-sex marriage law of 2013.

    In the US, a similar step has been adopted for the purposes of applying for a passport. The application form has two fields titled “Mother / father / guardian,” Giving more choice than hard choice between the two.

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