Asian Americans are (still) under attack. Here are easy ways you can help

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    But there are easy ways that people of all backgrounds can help prevent vitriol and violence:

    If you see a friend making a joke on social media about “China Virus” or “Kung Flu”, reach out and explain that it is neither funny nor harmless.

    Words have consequences. Many Asian Americans were unfairly attacked for “China virus,” “Chinese virus,” or “kung flu.”
    Those words became popular early in the epidemic. And researchers found that people who used the hashtag #chinesevirus on Twitter were twice as likely to show anti-Asian sentiment than those who used the hashtag # covid19.
    Even Asian Americans who have never been to China have been accused and beaten up. And hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased by nearly 150% during the epidemic.

    Take a free (free) breeder intervention course

    The Bistander Intervention course keeps you hooked with the training necessary to prevent harassment and possibly violence.

    Anti-harassment group Holback! Has pushed justice together with Asian Americans to help AAJC provide free, 1-hour online training to safely define xenophobia in action.

    Volunteers help elderly Asian Americans after attacks
    The registration website states, “We will start talking about the types of insults Asian and Asian American people are facing right now, Asian and Asian American people.”

    “We will talk through five strategies for intervention: distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct, and how to prioritize your safety when intervening … and the next time you see an adversary you are more confident. Will quit feeling. Asian / American harassment online or in person. “

    Support Your Local Asian American Businesses

    Over the past year, many businesses have struggled, with Asian American businesses troubled by discrimination and xenophobia.
    According to the Pew Research Center, 44% of Americans polled said that they or someone in their household had either lost a job or been in a pay cut since February 2020. But among Asian Americans, the number rose to 54%.
    'My God, business dropped by 98%' says a restaurant owner who hires two-thirds of employees

    The financial setback can be doubly devastating for immigrant families who do not have a strong financial safety net or do not have the language skills to compete for other jobs.

    Researchers from San Francisco State University and UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs wrote, “Unemployment affected Asian Americans more.”

    For example, in California, 83% of the Asian American labor force with high school education, or unemployment claims in the first few months of the epidemic, filed for claims – “compared to 37% of the rest of California’s labor force.” Same level of. “

    Add a frame to your profile photo

    We have seen how fast racist vitriol can spread on social media. One way to combat this is to spread support rather than hatred.

    'I'm screaming about hate crimes and violence ... no one else was listening.'
    Facebook offers several frames to fit around your profile photo, including “Stand up against racism,” “Stop Asian hatred” and “Stop hating AAP.”

    Such messages may offer a lot of solidarity with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, many of whom feel they have targets on their backs.

    They can also help reduce the popularity of anti-Asian sentiment.

    Donate to the afflicted families

    A recent Atlanta-area spa shooting killed eight people, including six women of Asian descent. For some families, there is now grief from financial uncertainty.
    One victim was a single mother and sole caretaker for two sons who have no other family in the US.
    Asian Americans were already living in fear.  Atlanta-area spa murders feel like a terrible surge

    Charlie Yun Kim, president of the Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta, said at least two families are experiencing extreme financial hardship.

    “They were concerned about rent and utility fees and other practical costs, including the funeral process,” he said.

    GoFundMe has verified eight accounts that will benefit some of the families killed or injured in the March 16 attacks:

    – Soon Chung Park: The widower of the park said that he is far from mourning working. Gwangho Li wrote, “I am raising money to pay my living expenses, including rent and bills, because I am unable to work because of the damage caused by this attack and the death of my wife.” . ” “I will be very grateful for any support that will allow me to get back on my feet after this terrible loss.”
    – Suncha Kim: “Like many Asian immigrants, she spoke very little English and worked two to three jobs. It took a lot of courage and my grandmother was a fighter,” her family said in a written statement. “As an immigrant, all my grandmother ever wanted in life was to grow old with my grandfather, and to see my children and grandchildren live a life they never had.”
    An elderly woman in San Francisco plans to give nearly $ 1 million in donations to fight racism
    – Xiaoji Tan: Tan and his daughter Ying “Jami” immigrated to America by themselves. GoFundMe Page benefited her daughter, saying, “Gioji loved her life in America, and worked really hard to provide for her family – she was financially supportive of her sister and mother . ” Now, “In the wake of this tragedy, Yami is separated from her Chinese relatives by distance and epidemic.”
    – Yong Ai Yu: “Mom was an amazing woman who loved our family and friends with her home-cooked Korean food and Korean karaoke,” her youngest son wrote. “The world will throw you trials and tribulations to test you, but this test seems so unfair. We are still shocked by the violent murder of our mother.”
    – Hyun Jung Grant: “She Was a single mother who devoted her entire life to providing for my brother and I, “her son wrote.” This is my brother only and I am in the United States. The rest of my family members are in South Korea and unable to come. “
    – Paul Mitchell: He the manager of his restaurant said that a wife of 30 years has survived. The manager started an account for the family, stating, “If someone is willing to help, they will be greatly appreciated, anything will help, keep in mind that it may be one of you or one of your family members , So please help. “
    One of 24 out of 29 racially motivated crimes against Asians in NYC was "Coronavirus stimulus"
    – Delaina Ashley Yaun: She She was the mother of two children, including an 8-month-old girl. Both Yun and her husband were massaging when the explosion occurred at gunpoint. “She Was a good person, “said his sister.”She Is not worth it Nobody was entitled to it. “
    – Elias Hernández-Ortiz: “He The forehead was shot in his lungs and in his abdomen. He Facial surgery will be needed, “his wife wrote. Please help me and my family raise money to cover my husband’s medical bills.” Please pray for my family and family who were affected by this shooting. “

    GoFundMe stated that no verified account has yet been made for the family of the remaining victims killed in the attacks, Doyu Feng.

    Support groups fighting for change

    The group is giving personal alarms to help protect Asian Americans from violence
    Over the past year, there have been more than 3,700 cases of discrimination, harassment, or violence against Asian Americans, according to the advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate.
    The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund works to protect and promote the civil rights of Asian Americans. It is fueled by donations and volunteer lawyers and law students.
    And Asian Americans advancing justice. The AAJC works to improve public education, public policy advocacy and community organizing which helps to create a more equitable society for all.

    Yungjung Seo of Granthshalacontributed to this report.


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