‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhla’ highly criticized microtransables

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    “It’s not good, especially not for a game that costs sixty warehouses”

    fans of Assassin’s Creed: Vallah Critics criticize the developer for the large number of microtrans in the game.

    Reddit User Zuzzer has added as many armor sets as Ubisoft’s DLC, as the “entire base game” has, but no meaningful content.

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    Zueszar continues to clarify that “half of the armor available in the game is exclusive only to those who are prepared to spend money on highly sophisticated microtransports.”

    “We have received very little material in the last few months among other players, even those who have spent a hundred dollars on the Collector’s Edition.”

    The bulk of the complaint focuses on the lack of updates added to Vallah since its launch, focusing on the Yule season update, which Zuzzer calls “a good but one-of-a-kind reduction event”.

    The original post continues by saying that the available DLC armor is not just cosmetic, as it “affects the gameplay and in some cases it prevails.”

    Zuzzer finally closes by saying the following: “Only a few years ago, people would have raised hell if a game company screamed like this. This is not good, especially not for a game that costs sixty goddam rupees. “

    In October 2020, Ubisoft revealed its plans for the Wellhala Post launch, promising paid content as a major extension Rage outbreak In spring 2021, and then another expansion Siege of paris In summer 2021.

    Various free content drops were also promised to be launched, with a new River Rides game mode to be added in February and a jomsweeping lt set of foray hat players of the ranks.

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