Astro Gears “is ready for the 2021 Astro Aroha Festival [Be Mine]Fan meeting with romantic poster

    ASTRO is making its fans even more excited for its upcoming fan meet with a new poster!

    The group will hold its 20th ASTRO Aroha Festival on-the-fan meeting [Be Mine]“KST on Sunday, March 28 at 5 pm.

    This will be ASTRO’s first fan meeting since 2019, and has always made fans happy during events with their unique concepts, different performances, games and talk segments. Fans are excited to find out what the group has collected this time as they prepare for the “2021 Astro Aroha Festival” [Be Mine]. “

    Check out the new poster released for the fan meeting below!

    ASTRO is a six-member group under Fantagio that debuted in 2016, and their latest group comeback was in May 2020 with “Knock”.

    Check out ASTRO’s Cha Yun Woo in the drama “True Beauty” below!

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