ATEEZ has announced a new album in March

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    This is an exciting time. In addition to competing in the show at Mnet rule In April, ATEEZ will release an album in March. After releasing the teaser photos, the K-pop group announced Zero: Part 2 Will release on 1 March.

    ATEEZ | Marie Clevering / Young Hollywood / Getty Images

    ATEEZ will release ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.2’ in March

    ATEEZ debuted in 2018 with KQ Entertainment. The band has 8 members: Hongzong, Songhwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wuyong and Jonghoe. Since debuting, they have gone from a rookie group to one of the most popular groups in K-pop.

    On 4 February, ATEEZ shared an image on social media, which will tease some on 1 March. The following day on February 5, the band shared another teaser photo that read “I’m the one in my area.” Caption for Second teaser photo Said, “We don’t need anything from my side anymore.”

    After releasing two teaser photos, ATEEZ released a bright concept picture with Hong Kong, Seongwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Wyeong, and Jongho. 6. The concept photo revealed that the teaser is for the band’s next album. Zero: Part 2 And that it will be released on 1 March.

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    Mingi is currently taking a temporary break from the K-pop group

    In November 2020, KQ Entertainment revealed that Mingi began to experience psychological anxiety. The label released a statement that the rapper planned to take a break from the band to focus on his health.

    “Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. We have some unfortunate news to share about ATEZ’s Mingi’s health, “the statement read Sampi.

    KQ Entertainment continued, “Recently, Mingi began to experience psychological anxiety that he had never experienced before. He Discussed his symptoms with the agency and went to the hospital for testing and diagnosis. As a result, the doctor recommended that he needed to get a lot of rest and stability. “

    In a new statement, KQ Entertainment shared that Mingi is progressing in her recovery.

    “… Before the release of this album, we talked to Mingi, her parents and a psychology counselor about her recovery status and asked her to resume activities, and it was agreed that counseling Much progress has been made through the treatment, “according to the company Sampi.

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    While Mingi has improved, he will not participate in the promotion of ATEEZ’s upcoming album. Because the album was recorded before her heights began, Mingi’s vocals would be present Zero: Part 2.

    KQ Entertainment said, “ATEEZ will be promoting with seven members instead of a full group with all eight members.” “However, the recording of all the songs on the new album ended before the activities stopped, and so you will be able to hear Mingi’s voice in the song.”

    Leading up to the album’s release on March 1, ATINY can expect to release more teasers in the coming weeks. KQ Entertainment will also update fans on Mingi’s status and when he plans to return to the group’s activities.

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