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Austin Mayor Steve Adler discusses the “welcoming” allure of cities as tech companies, such as Tesla, take big steps. lone star state. Adler explained why the city will be better equipped to meet the challenges as more companies consider moving forward.

Mayor Steve Adler: It’s certainly true that Austin is a progressive city and a pretty conservative state… but I really think people come to Austin right now because it’s a welcoming city. It is a very enterprising, creative, innovative city. It has a workforce, a trained workforce. It has a level of education. There are so many things in it that… are fascinating.


Tesla’s Elon Musk Inspired by Tweet from California Democrat Suggests Move to Texas Headquarters

Reasons why Tesla left California Elon Musk Said because the cost of housing is so high. Well, housing costs in Austin are on the rise. Our hope is that players like Tesla are going to help us bring housing to the city as part of their movement. And I think if we use the power that we have at the moment to attract companies that come to us, it also gives us the ability and the hope to be able to better tackle the challenges that we have. are near.

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