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a business owner Austinhandjob Texas says that the police asked him to collect evidence himself at the scene of his burglary shop, saying it was due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kirk Andrews, owner of Petticoat Fair Lingerie in North Austin, told KVUE News that after his shop was robbed he called officers asking them to wear gloves and look for bullet casings because police would not be able to assist because of the coronavirus.


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“They got back on the phone with me saying no one would come out and said it was because of the COVID restrictions, which didn’t make sense to me,” Andrews said.

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Andrews said 911 told her to call 311, where she was told to wear gloves and to find bullet casings and other evidence to give to police.

“It’s extremely disappointing for me,” Andrews said.

Andrews says surveillance video of him on Saturday morning showed a passenger driving a white car to his store before shooting him out of the window and grabbing clothes. The incident happened around 6 am when no one was at the shop.

Andrews said his store has been stolen several times and in the past he has been told by police that he “doesn’t have the manpower” to track down what he described as a “shopkeeper”.

Former Austin police officer rebukes new chief, pens letter rejecting offer to return

In the past, Andrews has said it took two weeks to file a report after police called her back and robbed her shop.

Austin police did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

Austin police stopped sending sworn officers on certain calls where no immediate threat is involved to allow uniformed officers to focus on serious calls and emergencies on October 1.

the city is currently stricken Police shortages have led to what Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon has referred to as the “crisis”.

The staff shortage was, in part, due to the city’s Step To snatch money from the police department and coincides with a rise in crime with the murder rate rising over 90%.

In November, residents of Austin will vote on Prop A, which aims to restore police staff and some units that were lost in the 2020 rescue.

“We are in the midst of the deepest police staffing crisis in Austin history,” Save Austin Now co-founders Matt McCovic and Cleo Petricek said in a statement to Granthshala News. “This is happening here during a historic violent crime wave, as homicides are up 80% compared to the modern record last year. Austin police morale is at an all-time low. We have about 300 police officers a year. are down. $150 million police budget cut last year. ADP recently made a surprise announcement that due to staffing distress they can no longer answer 911 calls unless it is a life-threatening situation or invades premises Is in. Rank and file officers are being asked to risk their lives without the support they need to work. On November 2, Austin must pass Prop A to fix this mess.”

Advocacy group founded by liberal billionaire financier George Soro gave $500,000 to a . have put in Campaign To defeat the offer.