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Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon accused Big Tech of censoring his social posts on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday for political reasons, saying nothing is more hated than humor from “tyrants.”

In one of his satirical articles, The babylon bee wrote about how CNN puts its news through the washing machine to spin it before it airs.


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Facebook responded by flagging it to the misinformation. The tech giant later apologized.

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The satire piece stated, “In order to assist the news station in preparing stories for consumption, the popular news media organization CNN has built an industrial size to help its journalists and news anchors spin up the news prior to publication. bought the washing machine.

“The custom-made device allows CNN reporters to load the facts for a given issue, turn the dial to a ‘spin cycle,’ and within five minutes, receive a nearly unrecognized version of the story that can be shared with the news station.” The agenda has been spun to fit.”

Snopes A return was to issue a fact-check to fact-check it. It said, “It should have been clear that the Babylonian bee piece was just a hoax.”

Host Tucker Carlson jokingly asked, “Wasn’t it real?”

“It wasn’t real—believe it or not,” Dylan replied.

Dillon said Facebook uses its misinformation tool to silence voices it doesn’t like. “We’ve been put to death over and over again.”

Dillon said Babylon Bee used to drive most of its traffic from Facebook. But according to Dylan, with over a million followers, one of his posts received 11 impressions.

“We could reach more people if we printed it out and put it on a telephone pole in a small town.”