Bad Bunny dismisses Miz from top rope at Royal Rumble

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    There is no event like the Royal Rumble on the WWE calendar, where the 30-man and 30-woman battles allow for a Royal Match filler spot, bringing WWE back to the former superstars and chances to chase cheap pop through nostalgia Let’s give celebrity appearance in the match

    On Sunday, the two of us met as a poorly made site for a performance at the WWE Performance Center, but The Miz joined the Rumble match after destroying his equipment with tag team partner John Morrison. Bad Bunny stormed the ramp and Midi and Morrison attempted to enter him in the ring while the referee attempted to block him from entering. Damien Priest took advantage of the distraction to eliminate both Miz and Morrison, with a double clotheline on the top rope, which Bain Bunny danced with Miz and Morrison after completing every wrestling dream and climbing the top rope. To crossbody.

    In terms of celebrity spots, it was great. He The top ropes don’t get a ton of height, but the commitment was there and he does it for damn near perfection. He Even pops up and gives Miz and Morrison a DX crotch chops as they lay on the ground, which actually tells you that Bad Bunny was on his wrestling height.


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