Bain Bunny Joins ‘SNL’ as Quarantine for a ‘Loco’ Song

    Bad Bunny is an undisputed star at this point in his career, and has resulted in some very good opportunities for singers who don’t always belong to his chart-topping Latin Records. A recent example of this came when he recently played a part Shanivari Night Live Case as a matter plant.

    In the sketch that featured Ego Nyodim, Pete Davidson and Bridgerton Star Rage-Jean Page, the group makes a song called “Loco”. Originally, it is about the strange feeling that nearly one year of social disturbances in an epidemic has left them.

    Under the leadership of Viodim, he took the audience on a journey through asymmetric-quarantine interactions that happen to people, one of them being Reg-Jean. Davidson follows a poem that follows her feelings and when Mike returns to Namodim, he is interrupted by her talking plant, played by Bad Bunny, who at first talks to her Labels him as “loco”.

    The sketch joins two exhibits given by Bad Bunny SNL, Both of which are songs from their Late-2010 album, The last tour of the world. The first was “La Noche de Anokhe” with Rosalia, who performed with the singer for an intimate set, and the second was a solo rendition of “Te Deso Lo Mejor”, performed by Bad Bunny with the WWE Championship belt next to him did.

    You can see the sketch above.


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