‘Batwoman’ studio responds to Ruby Rose’s claims of abusive working conditions

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The actor spoke about unsafe working conditions and injuries suffered by him and others on the sets

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Warner Bros.TV, the studio behind US network The CW, has responded to Ruby Rose’s recent claims that she had left Batwoman Adhere to unsafe and unfavorable working conditions.

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The actress, who gave several brief explanations for her sudden exit from The CW in May 2020, took to social media today (October 20) to “come on” tagging The CW. Batwoman Showrunner Carolyn Dries, and producers Sarah Schechter and Greg Berlanti notably.

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“I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened [sic] On that set,” Rose wrote on her Instagram story. “I will come for you so that what happened to me will never happen to another person again. And so I can finally have my life and truth back. Shame on you.”


Rose claimed that Warner Bros. Television chief Peter Roth, who left last year, was kicked out of the company because he “couldn’t stop steaming your pants to young ladies while you’re still wearing said pants.” were” and alleged that he had hired a private investigator to follow up Rose.

As Kate Kane in ‘Batwoman’. credit: Alamy

The actor then shared audio from a purported conversation between him and his doctor in which they discussed about the spinal cord injury. Batwoman set.

“Up until 3 weeks after this video, it’s worse than unusual,” Rose continued on her stories. “It was diagnosed years ago on set but if I got an X-ray it would be ‘we’ll make our day.’ I’ve documented this for years. On top of that, I have enough documents to make an hour-long documentary. Pray what else would you like me to share, a broken neck or a broken rib split in two and a tumor?”

Rose later claimed that Roth told her that she should return to work immediately, otherwise it could have cost Warner Bros. “millions”.

She asked fans to “stop asking if I’ll be back on that terrible show”, adding that she wouldn’t come back for any amount nor if I had a gun to my head. Rose then stated that she “didn’t leave” and was “on the studio”.[ruining] Kate Kane and [destroying] Batman. “


Warner Bros. TV, the studio behind The CW drama Batwoman, has since issued a statement in response to Rose’s claims. In the statement, they confirm that Rose was fired from the show, but say that the account is “revisionist history” and that Rose’s firing was the result of an internal investigation into “multiple complaints about workplace behavior” against the actor. You can read the full statement below time limit:

“Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at producers, cast and crew, networks and studios, the truth is that Warner Bros. Based on several complaints about workplace behavior, Batwoman was extensively reviewed and handled privately with respect to all concerned.”

Dougre Scott has also answered this Granthshala, saying: “As stated by Warner Bros. Television, they have decided not to exercise the option to include Ruby for season two. Batwoman Based on several complaints about her workplace behavior. I fully and solemnly deny the defamatory and harmful claims made by him against me; They are completely made up and never happened.”

You can read screenshots of Rose’s Instagram Stories in full here:

Earlier this year, while commenting on her replacement Javicia Leslie, Rose revealed Granthshala: “I think Javisia is doing a great job. I wish her all the best,” she says. And have spent a lot of time living this life. I said that if I had got some time, I would have done all these things.

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