BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Busy Ruth Wilson is obsessed with her new role

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Ruth Wilson at the Venice Film Festival

Ruth Wilson was in a clearer frame of mind as she described how she tapped into past relationships to understand the psychology of infatuation.


‘Why do we fall for someone who isn’t necessarily right for you?’ Introducing the 39-year-old star of The Affair and Mrs. Wilson. ‘When you’re fascinated by someone – when you really like someone – it takes over your whole body. It handles your every waking thought. Lieutenant’s passion!’ he announced.

Wilson starred in True Things, a film inspired by the subjective novel True Things About Me by Deborah K. Davis.

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Actress and film director Harry Wootliffe, along with writer Molly Davis, reshaped the book’s diary-like structure and created a screenplay which he described as a ‘universal experience of infatuation’ – a theme that echoes the chilling of his psychopathy. was also at the center of the illustration. Ellis Morgan opposite Idris Elba in Luther.

She told me that she became involved in True Things at a very early stage. She and Jude Law had been working together on Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie at the Donmar Warehouse more than a decade ago, when Law’s production company was sent Davis’ book—and asked Wilson to read it. had gone.

He and Law joined forces and acquired a substitute on screen rights. Later, the British Film Institute and BBC Film also became involved.

Wilson said that what he liked about the book was that it felt “incredibly feminine and true” – and it was only a matter of time before the fleabags of this world were exposed.

The story centers on Kate (whose name is not in the book), who works in a for-profit office. Day after day she is subjected to abuse from clients, until one day, a man (played by Tom Burke) walks into her life and lifts her up.

Ruth on the red carpet for True Things

Ruth on the red carpet for True Things

“She objects to him and calls him The Blond,” Wilson said. ‘And he has to keep it. When The Blond comes on, she has to look sexy and alluring…and dangerous and alluring,’ Wilson tells me, adding that it’s Kate who chooses to pursue her. ‘He’s not a victim. She goes for him.

‘He gaslights her, doesn’t behave very well – but she’s choosing not to listen to those warning signs, and she continues to chase.’

As terrifying as Kate’s experience is, there’s a feeling that at some point we — all of us — need to go through a car-crash relationship to understand what we really want.

During pre-production, while trying to introduce characters from both Kate and The Blond, Wilson and Wootliffe would “talk about our relationships where you’d be infatuated with someone and then suddenly one day the curtain would go up.” The moment where you’ll think: ‘What is that about?’

Ruth and Tom Burke in True Things

Ruth and Tom Burke in True Things

Ruth Wilson says she got involved in True Things at a very early stage

Ruth Wilson says she got involved in True Things at a very early stage

“It’s interesting that two women – Harry and me – should decide who this man should be,” she said. ‘And then Tom (Burke) came in and brought his complexity to him.’

True Things was screened at the Venice Film Festival this week (it will also be screened at the London Film Festival next month). Wilson and I met in a shaded section of Tennis Club Venezia to chat. She wore a Nina Ricci top (she wore another eye-catching suit by Schiaparelli) on the red carpet that evening, under a swanky suit designed by The Frankie Shop.

In True Things, Kate comes from a “good” middle-class family – although Wilson says the film is not a judgment on “comfortable parenting.” ‘It’s about a woman trying to break through the limits of her life. She knows she is a little different from the world she was raised in.’

Wilson said she could sympathize. ‘I know for certain that from my point of view, I’m definitely different from the rest of my family.

‘So no matter how much they love, and how much you love them, you can still feel like you don’t quite fit,’ she sighed. I wondered, how different is she from her siblings who are in the teaching profession?



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