Belarus ‘ready’ to receive nuclear weapons from Russia, Lukashenko says

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Belarus’s president has suggested that his nation take advantage of access to nuclear weapons through its Russian ally if NATO decides to equip parts of Europe with similar machinery.

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It comes amid rising tensions between Alexander Lukashenko and the European Union over the current migrant crisis on the border shared by Belarus and Poland.

Less than two weeks ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, announced In a statement that US nuclear weapons currently stationed inside Germany could be transferred to “other European countries” depending on which area the leaders wish to sit in.


“It is up to Germany to decide whether there is” [are] nuclear weapons in [their] countries, but the alternative is that we end up with nuclear weapons in other countries of Europe, also east of Germany,'” Mr Stoltenberg said at a conference organized by the German Atlantic Association and the Federal Academy for Security Policy.

However, he added: “I expect Germany to remain part of the nuclear sharing, as it is very important for Europe.”

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Asked by Russian News Agency rosya segodnya Regarding Mr Stoltenberg’s remarks, Lukashenko said that if it happened, he would “offer”. [Russian president Vladimir] Putin to return nuclear weapons to Belarus”.

Emphasizing which weapon he was referring to, the Belarusian leader said: “We will agree about what kind. Nuclear weapons that would be most effective in such a partnership. I said that because on the territory of Belarus we are ready for this.

The situation between Belarus and the European Union – especially Poland – has worsened in recent weeks as the migrant crisis intensifies.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Lukashenko acknowledged that his troops probably helped Middle Eastern asylum seekers cross into Europe through Belarus – after previously denying that his or his military’s border Par had nothing to do with helping people on dangerous journeys, who have died at least 1 1 .

“I said [the EU]I will not stop migrants at the border, stop them at the border, and even if they keep coming from now on I will not stop them, because they are not coming to my country, they are going to yours,” he said from his palace in Minsk. Said during the interview.

The European bloc believes Lukashenko faces the crisis as revenge for sanctions imposed on him and on Minsk for human rights abuses following protests in the country over his contested leadership election last year .

Mr Stoltenberg said in his speech on 19 November that NATO’s “objective is a world free of nuclear weapons”. But, he added, “as long as others have, we must also have”.


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