‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove Squash Their Beef?

    Did Bosun Eddie Lucas and Chef Rachel Hargrove solve the tension during below deck Season 8 reunion?

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    Lucas and Hargrove had a chilly relationship this season, which began when he suddenly departed before the charter. She Returned to the boat, but Lucas said that he felt as if Hargrove had gone out and insulted the entire crew. He There were additional problems with Hagrove when he ran the crew too hard during the day.

    Her drunken behavior embarrassed her but she did not discuss her feelings with him as she feared she would leave angrily. Finally, Chef and Bosun encounter events that occur during the season. Was the discussion going in a positive direction?

    Chef Rachel and Eddie Lucas sorted out their frustrations with each other

    Reunion host Andy Cohen posed an audience question for Hargrove and the crew about how wild Hagrove got while drinking. Hargrove joked that he was an uncontrolled wild stallion and Lucas joked with laughter. But then Cohen asks Lucas about his specific feelings.

    “It was annoying,” he admitted. “But everyone is allowed to cut loose and blow off steam. And Rachel is fully entitled to blow off steam and do whatever she wants to have fun with. But it disappoints me when someone’s Everyone’s ability is affected by the blowing of steam. And could I say something to him? Yes, I could. Should I have said something? Yes, I should have. “

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    “But I was scared to set Rachel up and leave her again,” he said. At one point, Lucas stated that Hargrove was probably the best chef he has ever worked with in his career. She He also said that he felt that he was very good at his job.

    “Regarding Eddie as well, I have a high opinion of him,” Hargrove said. “So I got a little disappointed when he didn’t come to me and he said. Because I would really care for it. I must have apologized.”

    Maybe there is hope that they can work together again?

    Hargrove also said that the comparison that Captain Lee Rosbach had made between him and his son was impressive. Rosbach’s son died of a drug overdose and expressed concern about Hargrove’s drinking. “With Captain Lee, I hold him for such a high affinity, I really do,” he said. “So mentioning her concern for me, especially what happened to her son in her real life, also made an impact.”

    Former chief stew Kate Chastain was saddened that her two friends did not get along this season. She Recently he got information about his dream team and forgot to include Lucas in his list. “Honestly, when I saw it back, I was surprised by my answer. I will fully include Eddie. I think at that time I was still dazed by the fact that she was opposed to Rachel Tweeted In response to a question about the list.

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    Perhaps there is hope for Hargrove and Lucas that they will not only work together again, but succeed as department heads? below deck Season 9 is currently filmed.

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