‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: This season had ‘definitely a lot of sex’, Daisy Kellyhar

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    Chief Stew Daisy Kellyhar Under deck sailing yacht It is revealed that there will be a lot of drama and a lot of sex in season 2.

    Daisy Kellyhar | Laurent Bassett / Bravo

    Kelliher told about the upcoming season Under deck Mediterranean Alum Anastasia Surmawa. “There was definitely a lot of sex,” Kalihara shared during an Instagram live. “I don’t know if it was COVID. I don’t know. So, like, people weren’t around other people for a while or what was going on. But there was definitely something in the air. It was, wow, that was a lot. “

    What was in the ‘air’ (or water) on the ‘Down Deck Sailing Yacht’?

    The Seymour season trailer is definitely a departure from the Couple-up vibe from season 1. This is true below deck The Farm is a team of extremely attractive young people in the series. Instead of repeatedly bringing back crew members, producers cleaned the deck with the exception of Captain Glenn Shepherd.

    The intensity of the previous season has definitely changed Fickle wildness on the deck. At one point, the crew is on deck, and “Go Gary, Shake Your Penis” is being played by the crew. The first officer, Gary King, is wearing nothing but tights as well as swimming tights.

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    Another crew member is heard saying, “I’ll tell you that the chickens are heated.” Raja says, “I know that there is one thing that you do not mess with the crew.” The last words as famous as the rest of the men on deck laugh.

    “If I hook up with a girl, I usually try not to hook-up with the people in my department,” King says in a discussion, as cameras show her cohabiting with someone. “Anyway …” Raja is also seen jumping from the boat completely naked.

    Is everyone getting along with everyone?

    Kelliher was not joking when it came his turn to hook. “I’m horny right now and trying to have some sex right now,” the other stew Dani Soares is seen telling the crew. Later she is kissing the third stew Alli Dor. “Let’s go, Alli,” he says.

    “Because we’re riding the boat, everyone is in party mode,” says chief engineer Colin Macrae in a confidential. “It’s going crazy.” Actually. At one point the jacuzzi is filled with bubbles and the crew is filled to the brim with some boil.

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    Unlike last season, Kelliher says the interior team got on well. “I had an awesome team,” he said of the interior. “I was very nervous, but the girls were very nice. They were good at their jobs and yes, we had a great team. “

    Some tension appears to be bubbling between Kellihara and chef Natasha de Boger. Kelliher is said to reduce the portion size to de Borg. This comment is not very good. “I f ** king chef,” de Bourg shoots back at Kelliher. “Don’t give me any f ** king constructive criticism.”

    Under deck sailing yacht The season 2 set will air on Bravo on Monday, March 1 at 9 / 8c.

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