Two Oregon teachers who believe that students should use the bathroom commensurate with their birth sex were fired after an investigation uncovered an email to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro as he was working on a political campaign. The school facilities were used for

“We would be honored if you and your team would consider our resolution as an alternative policy alternative to the proposed Equality Act or other state law regarding gender identity policies and be willing to be a voice in our movement for this resolution.” Rachel Damiano, assistant principal of East North Middle School Wrote in an email to Shapiro using his school email address.

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North Middle School fired Damiano and science teacher Katie Meidart last Thursday after an investigation found they violated the district’s policy of using school facilities to work on a political campaign, and as evidence. I submitted an email to Shapiro.

Both former teachers believe that students should be required to use “physically correct” bathrooms unless single-user “gender-neutral” bathrooms are created, and oppose the law. which would require teachers to use the students’ preferred pronouns. The pair posted a video and launched a website to support their beliefs on LGBT matters, which they dubbed the “I Resolve Movement”.

“Because there was a backlash from fellow staff and members of the community they didn’t like to say that you know the district basically threw them under the bus,” said Ray Hacke, attorney. Damiano and Medarto, said of the firing of pairs. “People are allowed to discuss political topics on their own time with people. I’m sure there are people in the lunchroom who talked about Trump v. Biden.”

Earlier this year two former teachers faced opposition for their stand A middle schooler starts a petition to get him fired. An independent inquiry into teachers was launched, and members of the school board voted 4–3 for their termination.

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“While Ms Damiano did not like to refer to ‘I Resolve’ as a political campaign, her efforts in relation to the law in the video and through the stated purpose of ‘I Resolve’ showed that it was a political campaign,” Teachers check. “This was featured exclusively in an email sent to Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro.”

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The teachers are being represented by the non-profit civil liberties and religious liberties organization, the Pacific Justice Institute, with their attorneys arguing that their “I resolve platform” represents personal views and a political one as defined by Oregon statute. does not constitute a campaign.

According to News 10, attorney Hacke said, “If most of what you do in this case happened off-campus using personal property, not district-owned property or district-owned email.” ” “Even though they used it. To some extent, it was minimal. You know it’s something that might require a letter of reprimand or something definitely not firing.”

The school did not immediately return Granthshala News’ request for comment on the matter.