Best movies and TV shows for Netflix, Amazon and Stan in Australia in February

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    Every month, streaming services in Australia add a new batch of movies and TV shows to their library. Here are our pics for February.


    With all the social and political unrest around the world, it is good to revisit this refreshingly optimistic sitcom as of any time now. Located in the Middle American city of Pavony, the show features Leslie Knope, a middleway bureaucrat as the fun-loving Amy Poehler, who inspires the community of skeptics and cooks to make their city more vibrant. Although “Parks and Recreation” mostly focuses on the relationship between the furry eccentricities of its artists, it is also about how good and determined civil servants can make a difference.


    Although the creator of the animated science-fiction / superhero series “Kid Cosmic” brains (and Powerpuff Girls) has sprung from Craig McCracken, it looks and feels different from the work he did. It is a more serialized adventure, featuring a group of New Mexico desert city misfits who rely on superpowerful alien jewels to fight invaders from outer space. “Kid Cosmic” has a remarkable design, with its lavishly sketched lines and light colors similar to old fictional magazines and comic books.


    Based on the popular tear-jerking novel by Kristin Hanna, “Jugnu Lane” features Katherine Heigl as a glamorous, but lonely TV personality. Sarah Chalke played the role of her longtime best friend, whose own life as a wife and mother was interrupted by a recent divorce. The series turns the existence of these two women into a kind of survival mystery. Repeated flashbacks to the teenage and young adult years of the characters allow viewers to make a significant connection between the troubles of the past and the concerns of the present.

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    Writer-director Sam Levinson – best known for the social satire “Murder Nation” and the provocative teen drama series “Euphoria” – shot his intimate, two-character “Malcolm and Mary” during the epidemic. John David Washington and Zenda play a tense night, airing their grievances during a tense night. Levinson portrays the stripped-down snatch story of two of his striking-looking actors shot in beautiful black-and-white, creating a film that echoes the low-budget psychodrama of indie film pioneer John Cassavetes.


    How did Tom Hanks take so long to get into Western? In “News of the World”, Hanks plays Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a veteran of the American Civil War, who takes out a live ride from city to city in the 1870s, reading the newspaper to locals. Helena plays Zengel, the character of Johanna, a former Kidnap victim whom the Kid tries to bring back into her family. Based on the novel Paulette Giles, the film has an episodic structure, designed to lead the audience through a subsequent tour of America that is still deeply divided. Hanks is the strong anchor for a winding story.

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    In the energetic and soulful film adaptations of Netflix’s Jenny Han’s novel “Two All Boys I Loved Before” and its two sequels, Lara Condor plays the role of a lovestreak teenager named Lara Jeanne Covey, while Noah Santino plays his college-bound crush Peter Plays a role. Last year’s “PS I Still Love You” introduced some complications to the happy ending of the first film; And now the third and final part in the trilogy, “Always and Forever” describes how Lara Jean and Peter handle an unexpectedly complex transition from high school to college.

    Feb 19

    Don’t look for any sympathetic character in Jay Blakeson’s “I Care a Lot”, a dark-colored comic neo-Nayar film in which two strangely charismatic creeps try to outdo each other. Rosamund Pike plays a high-grade griffer who exploits systemic flaws in the elder care industry to make money from the helpless. Peter Dinklage plays the role of a drug kingpin living under a recognized name, who reveals himself when his mother (Diane Wiest) is implicated in the scandal. Like Blakeson’s entertaining filthy 2009 debut “The Disappearance of Alice Creed”, it is a well-acted and twisty film made for audiences who enjoy watching smart people.

    February 23

    This documentary about the legendary footballer, Edson Arentes, known as Pesce, focuses primarily on his four World Cup appearances from 1958 to 1970. Between those years, he moved from a poor teenager to an unknown teenager to become a Paulo neighborhood. Is universally accepted as one of the best. “Pelé” directors Ben Nichols and David Trihorn have a wealth of thrilling footage of the man in action, but his film is just how Brazil and the world changed during the 1960s.


    Fans of “Gilmore Girls” should find a lot about “Ginny & Georgia”, a play about a matured mature teenage girl (Antonia Guentry) and her more free-spirited and libertine mother (Brian Feeney), Who are accommodating both. A new life in a quaint town in England. In a vicissitude of “Gilmore Girls” – where the mother was born out of privilege and then fled to a more middle-class existence – “Ginny & Georgia” has seen the family have a hard time and is now trying to do something better . The core of the show is the often unstable relationship between a strong-willed parent and his equally headstrong child.

    Also coming: “Tiffany Hadith Presents: They Ready” Season 2 (February 2), “Black Beach” (February 3), “Hatch” Season 2 (February 5), “Invisible City” (February 5), “The Last Paradiso” (February ) 5), “Little Big Women” (5 February), “Space Sweepers” (5 February), “Strip Down, Rise Up” (5 February), “Crime Scene: The Vanishing in the Cecil Hotel” (10 February) , “Heidi and the Cockman’s Mistakes” (10 February), “Capitani” (11 February), “Red Dot” (11 February), “Squared Love” (11 February), “Burial by the Bernades” (12 February), ” Nadia’s Pieces “(February 12),” Exico’s Journey “(February 12),” Hello, Me! ” (15 February), “Behind Her Eyes” (17 February), “Tribes of Europa” (19 February), “2067” (19 February), “Classmates Minus” (20 February), “High-Rise Invasion” ( February) 25), “Bigfoot Family” (February 26), “Catch By A Wave” (February 26), “Crazy About Everyone” (February 26).

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    Credit …Stan


    ‘Race to Perfection’

    Fundamentalists of Formula One auto racing have vacated their vault for this seven-part series, which covers the sport of the last 70 years from many angles. Packed with original interviews and exciting vintage footage, the “Race to Perfection” documents both the history and the development of various aspects of racing: from advances in technology to drivers’ personalities to F1’s most controversial events. It is a long time for fans and novices alike.


    ‘a quality’

    Writer-director Shane Meadows and actor Stephen Graham are often collaborators, best known for their decade-long “This Is England” series. The pair reunite for the four-part mini-series “The Verses”, a heavy drama about a man who suffered childhood trauma. Graham plays the role of an alcoholic, whose life is disturbed when he returns home to reconnect with his deranged sister. The journey reminds him of long-buried events, while pushing him to a woman (Niam Elgar) with issues of his own.



    The title character of this thriller series should be familiar to fans of the novel or film “The Silence of the Lambs”. The show is set a year after the events of “Silence” and follows FBI agent Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breedes) to deal with new cases. Expect a mixture of short and long narrative arcs, dividing the difference between a traditional TV procedural and a more novelized serial approach. But no direct mention of the infamous serial killer Hannibal Lecter is expected; The rights to the character are owned by a separate production company.

    February 26

    ‘Punky Brewster’

    In its original incarnation, the 1980s sitcom “Punky Brewster” starred Soleil Moon Fry as an abandoned child, taken in by a cranky old widower and raised with the help of some kind neighbors and teachers. Fry returns for a revival, playing as a now-estranged divorced mother who spends her family’s life when she becomes a foster parent to a child like her. Some members of the original cast will appear in a series intended to charm and uplift.

    Also coming: “Doll and Em” season 1-2 (February 2), “Happiness Theory” (February 4), “The Green Mile” (February 9), “Hassel” (February 11), “Chasing Life” season 1-2 ( 12 February), “Lucy” (12 February), “Ex Machina” (15 February), “United 93” (17 February), “Perfect Places” (18 February), “The First Team” (19 February), ” Men of Children “(February 21),” Casino “(February 23),” Indian Summers “Season 1-3 (February 23),” Angel of Death “(February 25),” Scarface “(February 26),” American Gangster ”(27 February).

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    Owen Wilson plays the role of a lonely, hopeless man named Greg in writer-director Mike Cahill’s haunting science-fiction drama “Bliss”. When he meets Isabel (Salma Hayek), Greg is having a bad luck convincing him that they are both actually living in a computer simulation. Cahill makes both Greg’s real “real” world and Isabel’s more utopian version equally valid, surprising the audience to the end whether she is a lover or a lunatic. Along the way, he questioned whether humans needed any kind of misery in their lives to achieve happiness.

    The lives of three different characters – a woman on the run (Lily Rabe), a desperate mother (Amy Brenneman), and a sexual predator (Hamish Linkletter) – intersect in this mystery / mystery series. As a crime from the past draws this trio to a close, they each reveal secrets about themselves that they may have kept hidden, rather than knowing more about their friends and neighbors than they wanted to know. “Tell Me Your Secrets” is about the lies and illusions that sustain some people; And that’s when they finally tell the truth.

    Also coming: “Tiny Perfect Things Map” (12 February).

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