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Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York exposed the Biden administration’s incompetence Friday on “Special Report.”

YORK: I think this whole thing just increases the sense – it supports the sense – that the Biden White House really can’t manage things. They messed up the border. They messed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. They seem helpless in the face of inflation. And there is just this sense that the Biden administration cannot get a handle on an issue and cannot manage it. And that’s a deadly, deadly impression with midterms on the way.



Mine is the Wisconsin Senate race. Senator Ron Johnson is the only Republican incumbent senator who is on shaky ground this year. [He] broke a promise to serve only two terms, [and] has angered some Democrats, at least, with his investigations of Hunter Biden. But President Biden is in the low 40s job approval rating in Wisconsin. And Ron Johnson has just been lucky a lot of the time. In 2010, he came in in a very strong year and looked like he was in trouble in 2016, then pulled it out. And now 2022 is shaping up as such a strong year. Seems likely he might be able to do it one more time.

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