Biden administration wants MLB to extend back season in a month

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    The owners of MLB alone do not want the season to be pushed back a month. The federal government would like this to happen.

    According to The Athletic, Members of President Biden’s administration recently told the owners They would like the season to go back a month so that players can be vaccinated by then.

    However, the Players Association opted out of the discussion, which did not want to press into the delay. The season will begin on time after Union rejects MLB’s proposal to start the season 154 games late, preventing the outbreak of COVID-19. The union has scheduled a later call with government officials without MLB involvement.

    The expected introduction of another Johnson & Johnson vaccine was behind the government’s rationale. The Athletic reported that MLB did not tell the Players Association the details of the meeting, but did inform the team presidents.

    Joe Biden participates in a Phillies game on October 16, 2010
    Joe Biden participates in a Phillies game on October 16, 2010
    MLB via Getty Image

    It does not speak at this point. The season is expected to begin on time, at least for now.


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