President Joe Biden on Thursday called for a confrontation of “political extremism” that prompted the US Capitol riot and appealed for collective strength during such turbulent times in Washington’s tradition at the National Prayer Breakfast, a Washington tradition that sparked political fighters Prompts them to separate their differences. For one morning.

The breakfast has led to controversies in the past, especially when President Donald Trump used last year’s installment Kill their political opponents And question their faith. Some liberals have seen the incident at war because of a conservative faith-based group.

Still, Biden campaigned for the White House as someone who could unite Americans, and breakfast gave the nation’s second Catholic president a chance to talk about the faith, which was a good one. Believes as strength.

“For so many in our country, it’s a dark, dark time,” Biden told those watching the event. “So where do we go? Faith?”

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Sen. Chris Kons, D-Del., Said the event is “an inclusive and positive” that “recognizes the teachings of Jesus but is not limited to Christianity.”

Breakfast is advancing at a time when the country’s capital is facing many historical crises. Biden is struggling to win significant support from congressional Republicans for the coronovirus response package, raising the possibility that he will only rely on Democrats to pass legislation.

FILE – President Joe Biden speaks about his racial equity agenda in the White House State Dining Room in Washington, January 26, 2021, DC (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool / Getty Images) (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool / Getty Image)

Many in Washington are still navigating after the deadly insurgency in the US Capitol last month, which Biden said in his remarks Thursday, referencing the “political extremism” that prompted the siege. Trump is facing a second impeachment trial in the Senate next week for his role in inciting the riot.

Biden’s message on Thursday marked his latest call to return Washington to a more traditional rung, four years after Trump’s aggressive style. During the 2020 breakfast, Trump chose Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Utah and Republican Sen. Mitt Mitney, who voted to convict the president during his first impeachment trial. Trump also placed a newspaper with “ACQUITTED” reading above his picture.

President Donald Trump has put up a newspaper, which displays the headline “Aquitted” as he arrives in Washington DC to speak at the 68th annual National Prayer Breakfast on February 6, 2020, (via photos Nicholas Kamm / AFP Photo by)

Dwight D. Eisenhower has attended every president’s breakfast since his first appearance in 1953. The coronovirus epidemic caused it to become completely virtual this year, with Biden and all other speakers screened through taped comments. Four surviving former presidents sent messages over breakfast, with three speaking on tape, while Coons read a message from former President Jimmy Carter – explaining Trump’s absence.

GOP co-chairman of this year’s breakfast, South Carolina Sen. Tim Tim, pointed out regular faith-based gatherings on Capitol Hill, attracting senators from both ends of the ideological spectrum as a model for the event . “We don’t philosophically, politically, but we embrace each other as brothers of faith,” Scott, who offered a virtual commentary at breakfast, said in an interview.

Since President Barack Obama’s administration, breakfast has received a push from gay and civil rights activists, with a greater focus on the Fellowship Foundation, a conservative faith-based organization that has long supported the event. Religious liberals protested outside Trump’s first appearance in 2017, criticizing his limitation on the entry of refugees into the US, and blaming a Russian gun-rights activist acting as an unregistered foreign agent, Attended breakfast twice during administration.

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Norman Solomon, co-founder and national director of the progressive activist group Rootsation, warned Biden “not to reach out to anyone to reach bigotry”.

Solomon said, “We don’t need any unity with bigotry.” “I’m afraid one aspect of this engagement is, ‘We can’t all get along.’ But this is not appropriate in this case, given the well-known right-wing and anti-gay background of the sponsors of the event. “

Solomon said Democratic presidents continued the tradition of attending an event where their Republican counterparts often felt more comfortable because they feared being labeled “religious or non-hostile”. He Said that Biden, a devout Catholic who attends the Mass every week, can leave the event and send a message that is truly bipartisan.

“God knows that there are many religious leaders and synagogues who are pious and uphold human equality,” he said. “This is not one of them.”

Rachel Ledger, president and CEO of American United’s Separation for the Separation of Church and State, agreed that there are “far better ways” than Biden’s breakfast to connect with people based on shared spiritual beliefs.

“We would love to work with the administration to find a way to change sponsorship of such an event and create a space for Americans of all different religious beliefs”, Ledger said.

Yet Democratic leaders, aware of Biden’s devout Catholic faith and calls for healing, have avoided public comment on this year’s event. Pelosi, D-California, gave his message to the incident on Thursday morning.

Both Ledger and Guthrie Graves-Physstiman, a partner in the faith initiative at the Liberal Center for American Progress think tank, pointed to the Christian symbolism seen during last month’s Capital Riots, which is intended as a plural for Biden, Which introduces open language about faith.

“I hope President Biden recognizes us in a new moment,” Graves-Fitzitsmon said, “and the danger of Christian nationalism is both a threat to America’s sacred religious pluralism and Christianity.”