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President Biden After them the plans were abruptly canceled on Monday to address supply chain issues to the nation. COVID-19 Comments.

According to the White House schedule, Biden has been asked by his administration to “strengthen the nation’s supply chains, reduce everyday costs for families, and ensure that shelves are well-stocked this holiday season.” was determined to speak on the work of.”


However, fifteen minutes before Biden’s scheduled remarks, the White House announced in a press poll that the presidential address had been cancelled.

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“The president will no longer make any comments after the meeting with the CEO. These comments will be made on Wednesday, December 1,” the statement said.

Inflation increased worldwide, crisis on homes and businesses

Biden officials said the cancellation was because the president wanted time to meet with business leaders visiting the White House.

“The President conducted a pool spray with reporters at the Top of the CEO Program and wanted to make sure to spend ample time with business leaders traveling to the White House today. The President will give additional commentary on Wednesday on the economy, supply chain and the US. Lowering costs for people,” the statement reads.

The cancellation comes amid ongoing supply chain and inflation issues that concern businesses and consumers alike, especially in preparation for the holiday season. Biden faced approval rating As little as 36 percent on the management of the economy.

On Monday, Biden also talked about emerging omicron type, assuring Americans that the latest version “was not a cause for panic.” He too commented That lockdowns are off the table “for now”, as lockdown scares triggered the biggest single-day fall in the stock market for this year.

Meanwhile, Biden hosted a roundtable of CEOs to discuss issues of the economy. Attendees included Best Buy, Food Lion, Etsy, Walmart, Mattel, Samsung and CVS Health.

Biden is now due to speak on supply chain issues on Wednesday.