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President Biden’s top choice to lead the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, has deleted his Twitter account following repeated controversies related to the department.

Magnus moved one step closer to heading up the federal agency after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer filed a clout on Thursday to push the upper chamber to end debate on the candidate and vote on his nomination.


Biden Border nominee denies calling migrant surge a ‘crisis’, doesn’t claim ‘ready-to-go plan’ to solve it

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The Arizona police chief faced tough questioning from Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee in October.

Despite his acknowledgment that the US immigration system is “one of the most serious problems in our country right now,” he raised eyebrows among some GOP senators when he refused to classify the issue as a “crisis.”

But Magnus faced new pressure this week when one of his officers used lethal force when dealing with an alleged armed shoplifter.

Officer Ryan Remington was fired earlier this week after fatally shooting a 61-year-old man in a mobility scooter accused of stealing a toolbox from a Tucson Walmart.

Arizona soldier who shot and killed Walmart customer in wheelchair is fired from the force

In this June 24, 2020 file photo, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus speaks during a press conference in Tucson, Ariz.  President Joe Biden is nominating Magnus as Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.  (Josh Gallmore/Arizona Daily Star via AP)

Richard Lee Richards was reportedly fired nine times after he allegedly refused to provide a receipt showing proof of purchase and then wielded a knife on his way to another store.

Video surveillance showed Richards falling to the ground after being shot from behind. He later died.

Another incident is being investigated by the Tucson Police Department after an off-duty officer pinned Two women lying on the ground after an argument in the parking lot of a restaurant AZ Central Reported on Sunday.

A video taken by a woman’s daughter was intercepted by the officer, which showed both the women were distressed by the officer’s actions.

Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus stands with demonstrators along Macdonald Avenue to protest the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner during a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 in Richmond, Calif.

“Understanding anger and frustration about two recent incidents involving our department. I appreciate those concerns,” Mangus wrote on Wednesday, before deleting his last tweet posted to his account. “We are working to be as responsive and transparent as possible.

“Thanks for the response, but I’ll stop the obscenity and profanity because it doesn’t add anything to the conversation,” he said.

Granthshala News could not immediately reach Magnus for comment.