President Biden said Wednesday that Republicans are “lying” when they say Democrats want to defame the police.

The president explained the various ways that the policing system should be reformed and denied calling the police ever to defame.

“I never said defame the police,” Biden claimed.

“They’re lying,” Biden said during a CNN “town hall” when asked about Republican claims that the Democratic Party supports defending the police.

Biden also said it would be a good idea to bring social workers, including psychiatrists, to the crime scene.

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Last summer, Biden expressed support To collect money from police departments and reallocate it to other places.

California Police Chief Warns $18 Million Budget Cut That Won’t Make City Safe

“Yeah, absolutely,” Biden said on the campaign trail when asked if he agreed “we can redirect some of that” [police] funding.”

At the town hall, Biden also called for more police to be called to the streets.

“We need more policemen, not fewer policemen, but we need to get involved in community policing,” Biden said.

Several prominent members of the Democratic Party have explicitly called for discrediting police departments across the country, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who scoffed at a proposal to strip the New York Police Department’s budget of $1 billion and suggested it was not. Enough.

“Defending the police means protecting the police,” New York Democrat said in a statement. “It doesn’t mean budget tricks or fun math. It doesn’t mean shifting school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Education Department budget, so the exact same police stay in the schools.”

Several Democratic-run cities have also moved to defund police departments, including Minneapolis, where the death of George Floyd sparked mass unrest last summer, where local officials called for disbanding police before backing down. had tried. Strong pushback from the community.