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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will spend the Thanksgiving holiday at billionaire David Rubenstein’s Nantucket home.

The president’s security details touched off on a Massachusetts island earlier this week to prepare for Wednesday’s arrival of the presidential couple.


Military vehicles arrived on the island by Steamship Authority ferry, establishing a corridor for the President’s arrival through the downtown area. State Police personnel arrived by ferry shortly after, and temporary flight restrictions came into force for an area of ​​30 nautical miles around Nantucket Memorial Airport. Nantucket Magazine informed of.

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Rubenstein co-founded the Carlyle Group and has an estimated personal worth of $4.5 billion. He served in a government position in the White House under President Jimmy Carter before entering private equity in the 1980s. Forbes informed of.

Charities Affecting Inflation, Americans’ Ability to Donate

Rubenstein’s home on Abrams Point has an estimated value of approximately $8 million, with a total property value of approximately $30 million for approximately 14 acres. Property amenities include a hot tub and tennis court.

The couple bought the home—named after Abrams Quarry, a man regularly referred to as the “Last Indian” of Nantucket—after a love of history and the “Native American history” that surrounded the property.

Granthshala News reporter Peter Ducey Tuesday Asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the message Biden sends by spending time at a billionaire’s home in a time of inflation and rising prices.

Psaki noted that a 20-pound turkey would cost only $1 more this year than in 2020, but stressed that Biden is concerned about “any increase in prices.” She also said “You are the President no matter where you are.”

Fed’s inflation gauge hits another 31-year high as prices continue to rise

But the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported a rise in the average wholesale price of 8- to 16-pound frozen turkeys in mid-November to $1.35 per pound from a year earlier.

The American Farm Bureau estimates that a Thanksgiving feast for 10 people with sweet potatoes, rolls, a vegetable tray and pie with whipped cream will cost $53.31 this year, up 14% from a year ago. Prior to this year, the annual cost estimate was falling from 2015.

“Inflation is real. Everyone is saying it. Everyone is feeling it,” said Jay Jandrain, president and CEO of Butterball. “Whether it’s labor, transportation, packaging materials, energy to fuel plants — everything costs more.”

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee tweeted a message exposing the president’s apparent hypocrisy, saying, “Regular America? Enjoy expensive gas and groceries!”