President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, Netanyahu’s office confirmed to Granthshala News.

Netanyahu’s office described the call as “warm and friendly” and said it lasted for about an hour.

The statement from Netanyahu’s office said, “The leaders noted their years of personal relationships and said they would work together to strengthen the alliance between Israel and the US.”

Topics to be discussed include the promotion of the peace deal, challenges in the region – the Iranian threat – and the COVID-19 crisis.


White House press secretary Jane Saki sought to reassure reporters this week that Israel was an “ally” of the US, as the administration questioned why Biden had not yet spoken with the Israeli leader was.

Some wondered whether this was a snub, considering Biden had called leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obredor.

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Donald Trump fostered an incredibly warm relationship with Israel and Netanyahu.

During an interview with Granthshala News last year, Netanyahu called Trump “the best friend Israel had ever met at the White House”.